▷ Solution MSVCP140.dll is missing error: how to download and install the file

MSVCP140 dll error

The error related to the MSVCP140.dll file is, together with the Windows startup error 0x00000e9, one of the most common errors in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. The error in question appears when a certain program is started, and the The error message reads something like “The program cannot start because msvcp140.dll is missing from the computer. Try reinstalling the program to correct this problem ”or“ The program can't start because msvcp140.dll is missing ”. The problem is that the error persists even if we reinstall the affected program. How can we fix the error The file MSVCP140.dll is missing? Where can we download MSVCP140.dll? In which path should it be installed? We see it below.

How to install the MSVCP140.dll in Windows

The MSVCP140.dll error is often related to Visual C ++ libraries for Visual Studio in Windows 10 . In case the library in question does not exist or shows some kind of error, it is most likely that an error such as the one that concerns us this time will be shown in programs such as Photoshop, Origin, PUBG Lite, Autocad or WoW .

basic information Windows 10 computer

In System type we can see the amount of Windows bits.

To solve the MSVCP140.dll, all we have to do is download the library again and install it later on our computer, but not before checking the number of bits of our version of Windows (32 or 64 bits) in the System.

MSVCP140 dll is missing error

Once we have verified this information, we will download the corresponding version of Visual C ++ through this link. Finally we will install the tool as if it were a common program and we will restart Windows 10 . Now yes, the error will have disappeared permanently.

Where to download MSVCP140.dll for Windows

In the remote case that the above has not worked for us, the next thing we will have to do is download the MSVCP140.dll file manually as long as we have installed Visual C ++ on our computer.

  • Download MSVCP140.dll for 32-bit systems
  • Download MSVCP140.dll for 64-bit systems

When we have downloaded the file corresponding to our type of system, we will unzip it in a localizable path on the computer. Next, we will right click on the program icon that shows the error "MSVCP140.dll is missing" and click on Open the file location .

MSVCP140 dll is missing

Finally we will move the file in question to the source folder of the affected program. It is also recommended to copy the file to the following path to avoid other programs falling into the same error:

  • C: \ Windows \ System32 \

After that, any errors related to Windows libraries should have been fixed.

Solution to MSVCP140.dll error if none of the above works

If neither of the two previous methods has worked for us, we will have to resort to a Windows 10 CMD command to repair all the system libraries.

How to fix MSVCP140.dll file missing error in Windows 10 1

To do this, we will open the aforementioned program by typing CMD in the Windows search engine and right-clicking on it to run the tool with administrative privileges . Once inside, we will write the following command:

  • sfc / scannow

Windows will automatically start looking for and repairing all corrupted or lost system files. If after the completion of the process the error persists, then we will have to update Windows 10 through Windows Update to install the remaining files. We can access the latter through the Windows 10 Control Panel or through the Settings menu.