2016 calendar to print, download more than 100 free templates


We are about to start the new year and we have to put the batteries. If you have already put the tree, the lights and decorated each of the corners of your house and office , it is already taking time to prepare the calendar for next year 2016 . What do you not know how to do? Well be careful, because you no longer need to buy a paper calendar at the bookstore. Now you can create it yourself from home, with the only help of a computer and a printer. The majority of proposals which today we talk are free , so you will not have to shell out a single penny for, in a few minutes, have posted the schedule for 2016 in your living room, kitchen, office or office. What are you waiting for to get down to work?

Microsoft Office Templates

One of the most practical and simple solutions is, without a doubt, Microsoft Office templates . And since you will surely have the Microsoft application package installed on your computer , all you have to do is access the templates section  on the official Office page . You will see that, unlike in other years, the number of templates has been reduced a lot and that there are no longer available those that you could find last year. Now you have at your disposal some calendars that are still anchored to 2015 , except for a few specific options of calendars for 2016 and perpetuals . We hope that over the next few days, the Office teamintroduce more templates for Word, PowerPoint and Excel . We will remain attentive to notify you. For now, we want to highlight this perpetual calendar , a Julian calendar , an annual calendar with a little more design , an academic calendar , a perennial calendar in black , or a calendar for 2016 .


Simpler calendars in Word, Excel and PDF

If aesthetics are not too important for you, maybe you can take a look at the WinCalendar proposal . On this site you will find lots and lots of calendar templates that you can modify in such hackneyed tools as Word, Excel or PDF . In this case, you have the option of choosing between month-to-month or annual calendars, always bearing in mind that in design, WinCalendar  does not score well. This option is very interesting if what you are looking for is a purely functional calendar, that is, to hang in the office or make simple checks or annotations. What we like most about this tool is that it offers users thepossibility of carrying out specific searches for calendars in different countries, which will allow us to easily find one with all national holidays. So you won't have to worry about entering them manually.

As we have told you, all the calendars can be downloaded for the three formats: Word, Excel and PDF . On the other hand, you should bear in mind that WinCalendar also offers you the possibility to customize your calendar to the maximum. You can do it through Calendar Maker .


HP calendars

And here we have a classic of all years: HP calendars . If you are not convinced by more serious calendars and want to unleash your imagination, you should take a look at the HP Photo Creations tool . The templates are completely free and you can easily print them at home. Within this page and the Calendars section , you will find different interesting sections of calendars to make yourself: Monthly calendar pages (if you want to design single pages), Yearly calendar pages (for complete calendars, in a single page ), Desktop Calendars(if you want to put them on the table, while you work) and 12-month calendars .


In this case, you should bear in mind that you have to download the software created by HP . You can add the photos that you like the most (those of your children, those of your favorite landscapes, footballers or singers, etc.) and then print them with your printer and with the quality of paper you want . When you finish, just hang up the calendar or wrap it up to give it to your family and friends.


Calendars to order and receive at home

It is possible that you do not have a printer or that you consider that the quality that it can provide you when printing calendars with many photos or images is not enough. In that case, maybe you can take a look at Photobox.es , a service that currently offers discounts of up to 50% on calendars . You can customize the calendar as you like, including your photos and data (for example, your children's birthdays, important events that you already know in advance) and choose a design that suits your tastes and expectations. You can choose between different types: simple wall calendar, table calendar, family calendar, etc.All you have to do is customize it, enter your data and place the order. Its price can range between 17 and 23 euros per unit .


Original calendars

An original proposal, if you also like crafts , are the dodecahedral calendars . On the Internet you will find several templates that you can download, print and assemble later. Here's a simple example , which you can have ready in just a few minutes.

But we have more original proposals. If you have children at home, you can download this Christmas calendar template  or these recycled Santa Claus that will be very useful to spend an entertaining afternoon and welcome Christmas. Do not forget that you also have the typical advent calendars with good purposes at your disposal ,


If you have notions of design and use programs like Photoshop , perhaps you can take advantage of the images in this very attractive minimalist calendar . It is a calendar for 2011 , but the illustrations seem so beautiful to us that the truth is that it is worth recovering them, modifying the calendar numbers so that they adapt to 2016. You also have a calendar, this one for 2016, based on the colors and the appearance of the rainbow , a proposal that will surely brighten up your day at the office. Finally, we also want to propose you a Mandala calendar for coloring , a monthly calendar with icons  or this system to design typographic calendars. 

Which of all these options do you prefer? Do you know any more that are worth it?