How to stop showing up in Google search results

Google Shared Recommendations

For a long time, Google has used information about the personal profile of many Google+ users to show their reviews or opinions about places, in the results of the searches that others carry out. This situation occurred without the express agreement of the people who appeared in the search results , therefore, since the Court of Justice of the European Union has begun to regulate the role of search engines such as Google in Europe , it has been has urged the American giant to include the option of being able to disappear from its results or at least to report the use it gives to the personal data of Google+ users .

This court decision, which is applied only at the European level, has not been well received on the other side of the Atlantic as they consider it unheard of that a private individual can modify the search results of an engine of such dimensions as Google . On the other hand, they also believe that it will be a very difficult measure to apply . And it is that, from the same Department of State of the United States, criticisms have been heard such as that Google searches will be corrupted for Americans because of European sensitivities.

Despite this last statement, ceasing to appear in Google search results, for those who reside in Europe, is now a reality and it is not a difficult process that can be achieved by following a few simple steps .

The first thing we have to do is press this link with an open Gmail account . A tab will open in our browser in which Google explains its own "Shared Recommendations" policy . On this website, Google reports how it uses personal reviews in search results. To stop appearing in Google search results, we just have to scroll with the mouse to the bottom of the screen and click on the option “Depending on my activity, Google can show my name and profile picture in the shared recommendations that appear in advertisements. "so that it is no longer selected. Then and for it to be effective, we must click on the "Save" button , in blue to the right of this option.

Google Shared Recommendations

Thus, while in the United States they complain, Googl e continues working to offer its European users new tools to conform to the legality within the Union . In this particular case, the different points of view that exist regarding privacy on one side of the Atlantic and the other are clear, however if Google wants to continue operating within the European Union and while the Protection of Personal Data is a priority among the institutions of the Union will have no choice but to conform and give users what is necessary to protect their privacy, in the same way he did when he was urged to apply the right to be forgotten.