The five best websites to watch movies and series online

movies series online

There are many alternatives to watch a movie or your favorite series on the Internet. The best, the one that offers more quality and speed is to pay some type of monthly subscription to services such as Netflix , Yomvi or similar. Then there are download search engines and link compiling websites , where you have to fight through a jungle of deceptive links, malicious software, and finally poor quality files (on occasion). If you want a third option, you can try to see the movie or the episode of the series through websites that show the videos without having to download them. Here we have compiled theFive best websites to watch movies and series online for free . Of course, always under the responsibility of each user.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time . Yes, the famous service that copied Netflix and that promised free content over the Internet is still alive . And yes, it has an online version that does not require the download or installation of any program. Just go to their website to see the entire collection of movies updated its disposal. Or, by clicking on the Shows tab , access the list of available series. From here you just have to select the content you want to see, choose the quality and click on the play button. After a loading time, which will depend on our Internet connection and the number of people connected, the film or series begins to be displayed in the browser window. However, it must be taken into account that most of the content, although with good quality, is in English or in the original version , without subtitles always available. It has a huge number of series.

Magnet Movies

Magnet Movies . With the same operating scheme as Popcorn Time , this tool focuses on content located in Spanish . That is, in movies and series that are dubbed into Spanish. In addition, it has some premiere films , although their visual quality is not ideal. A very useful option to avoid downloads and find content in Spanish . Just go through their website, choose the movie or series and select the Play option , which is still in beta or testing phase , but it is functional.

movies series online


Pordede . In this case it is a web page in which it is necessary to register as a user . This forces the user to provide a name and an email address in order to access the collection of available movies and series. Of course, they are contents in Spanish and quite updated , finding some premiere films in different qualities. It is a kind of mediator website, where links to these content hosted on other servers are collected . This means that, at each page change, the user has to fight against advertising of all kinds, especially pornographic . However, Pordede It has evaluations and comments from other users to know if the links are reliable and have good or bad quality. . This is another of those web pages full of links with premieres , movies of all genres and even a good number of series . Just browse according to the categories to find the desired content. Now, the advertising that you have to deal with can destroy the patience of the most patient user. Yes, it has different options like movies in Spanish Latin in Castilian or in original version with subtitles . . In this case we are talking about a web page dedicated exclusively to the series of the moment. In it it is possible to find all kinds of productions. As in the previous case, it is responsible for collecting links , so there are usually different options for each content: Spanish, Latin or original version. You also have to deal with a lot of publicity , but those responsible have the latest chapters always updated to see .