Reborn babies: what are they and what are they for

Reborn baby

Although hyper-realistic dolls are part of a disturbing and unknown world, more and more people are encouraged to meet them and even acquire one. Reborn babies are very popular , especially in the female sector, but what are reborn babies? What are the characteristics that they have? And what emotional implications do they have? These are some of the questions that most people ask themselves and we will reveal below.

History of reborn babies

The idea of ​​these hyper-realistic babies was developed in Germany, in the second world war. It was in this context that the mothers decided to give their daughters' dolls a newer look , in order to tolerate the situation they were experiencing. It was not until 1990, when the use of reborn babies spread to the United States, where a large industry would finally be created around these curious babies.

What are reborn babies

According to the International Body of Reborn Doll Artists, these are not dolls, but works of art made by real artists. However, in Spain right now there are feelings of all kinds, from those who seem somewhat macabre, to those who find it positive and beneficial.

The fundamental idea that the industry has generated is that these babies look as realistic as possible to a baby of flesh and blood . To achieve this, the Reborning method is used, which involves a series of steps to follow. In order for them to look as realistic as possible, and a weight that resembles the real thing, a lot of resources are required for the crafting process. This is something that makes this type of product unique, and also has a price that not everyone can afford, which usually ranges from 600 euros to 1500 euros, depending on the artist and if it is a limited edition. .

Hyper realistic babies

Keep in mind that reborn babies are designed to surprise and achieve the greatest possible realism. For this, hair is grafted with a technique called microrooting adding hair to hair. It is fitted with glass eyes with false lashes and tears, with a body made of silicone cloth, and the limbs are stuffed to weigh the same as a real baby. In this way, she can be dressed and put on a diaper.

Every detail counts , from nails to skin color, veins, redness and blemishes. In the process from when the vinyl is made to the final result, it can take up to a month.

Around 2015 was when these babies began to meet in Spain. It was thanks to a television report made by Cuatro on the Samantha Connection program. It had a great impact, since the report showed a sector of adults who had a special predilection for roborn babies. They appeared taking care of them, pampering them and acting with them as if they were a real baby. Women who end up doing this with reborn babies, argue that they give them company and peace, and that they also inspire tenderness like a real baby. This has ignited social alarm about its implications, and to what extent this behavior is healthy and what emotional deficiencies it hides.

Emotional implications

Proponents of these hyper-realistic babies believe they can have many benefits, for example in older people with Alzheimer's . Relatives have verified in these cases that the reborn have a psychological implication, since they serve to regain interest in dressing and grooming, by having to do it with the doll.

It is considered that there are two types of market , one that is intended for girls who love to have a baby of this type to play with. And another is that of adults, especially women who love to wear it as if it were a real baby. In this sense, shame is being lost more and more, because more and more people use it. Obviously, these are not people who have lost their sanity believing that they are alive and can replace a child. It just makes them feel good.

Reborn babies

For added realism, they are now also sold with adoption and birth certificates . In addition, when ordering, it is possible to ask the manufacturers to personalize it with specific details and characteristics, something that of course will increase the price reaching more than a thousand euros.

Currently they are also used in some types of therapies, where they are grieving and trying to overcome emotional pain . Especially in the face of a baby who has not been able to be born, and in the case of the empty nest syndrome. Psychotherapists recommend that when used in a therapy context it is well understood that this tool has a specific objective, is temporary and has the advice of a specialist. There are many professionals who do not agree with these practices, since they advise against it in grieving processes, because it can be counterproductive and the person remains anchored without accepting the reality through which they have to go through.

As with everything, just as it has certain benefits it can also involve some misalignments and misuse . That is why it is advisable, in the face of certain dependency or discomfort and limitations caused by its use, go to a mental health professional. As can be seen, reborn babies do not go unnoticed , which is why they are also controversial, which is why they have their defenders, and critics who consider that they are so well done and seem so realistic that they become disturbing, and even cause fear due to its similarity to a baby, since it can be confusing at first glance.