Acer Aspire E 11 and V 11, 11.6-inch 1TB PCs

Aspire V 11

The laptops are not the most fashionable gadget today, but are still a real need for a huge number of users. But portability rules, and today we demand more than ever that our gadgets can accompany us everywhere. That's why big brands such as Acer continue to present equipment such as the Acer Aspire E 11 and Aspire V11, some 11.6-inch screen notebooks, that is, small, but that are not short on performance.

And is that despite being small, their technical characteristics have little to do with those small, very low-cost laptops that we saw a few years ago. The Aspire E 11 and Aspire V 11 share all but one of their technical values: the V11 has a touch screen.

Aspire V 11

Although it is a feature that many laptop users find strange , the touch screen becomes important with Windows 8 (Windows 8.1 in the case of these models). And is that the Microsoft operating system is designed to be used primarily with your fingers. Although it retains the classic Windows 7 interface to move with keyboard and mouse, the new ecosystem has a purely tactile vocation.

The Acer E11 and V11 stand out above all for a slick, fanless design that minimizes noise and expands battery capacity by avoiding moving parts. They are 21.2 millimeters thick and barely 1.29 kilos in weight , which makes them especially useful when carrying them everywhere.

Aspire V 11

Another of the most positive values ​​that we find in these computers is memory, both RAM and storage. They can have up to 8 GB , a really high value. Storage is not far behind, as they equip a 1 TB capacity hard drive .

Along with the powerful RAM they feature quad-core Intel Pentium and Itel Celeron processors. With these values ​​it seems more than enough to move smoothly the operating system and most of the most common programs. However, it is not a professional team or for gamers, so we will have to take into account its limitations when installing heavy, high-demand programs or the most powerful games on the market.

Aspire E 11

The 11-inch screen does not offer too many surprises and has a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, the usual for this type of equipment. What is quite successful is the keyboard, which has a full size , which requires very good use of space in an 11.6-inch computer. The Touchpad supports Windows 8 Modern Touchpad gestures.

The USB 3.0 and HDMI ports are located at the rear of the equipment , while on the front we find two integrated high-power speakers, similar to that of larger equipment. Both teams will go on sale from August. Prices start at 300 euros for the E 11, while the V 11 with its touch screen will cost a little more, from 350 euros.