Google rescues its most famous games on its 19th anniversary

Google rescues its most famous games on its 19th anniversary

The Google search engine, one of the greatest revolutions on the Internet, is now 19 years old. And to celebrate it, he has decided to rescue a collection of his most famous games, such as the snake or the pacifier.

These minigames have been available at some point, and temporarily, through the browser itself. Google tends to surprise from time to time with special doodles, but some of them became real "addictions"  for working as small video games.

How to play classic Google search games again

While the celebration of the 19th anniversary of Google lasts, we will be able to enjoy countless games directly through the search engine's website. But it will not be so easy to "fall" on the one we want, since to choose we will have to resort to a roulette wheel .

google birthday surprise spinner

Enter the Google website. In the foreground you should see the drawing of a roulette wheel. If not, type  google birthday surprise spinner . And so, right at the top of the results page, you will see the search engine's new mini-game roulette.

The roulette wheel will spin and stop by itself randomly on one of the games . You can open it or, if you don't like the choice, spin and spin again until you land on the game that interests you.

google birthday surprise spinner pacman

In the selection of Google games, we found those that were most successful in the search engine at different times. We can get back on the kite, the snake game , or the romantic platform adventure Pangolin Love to celebrate Valentine's Day.

The most interesting thing is that we can open each of these games in a new tab and spend as much time as we want in it. In addition, we will keep the original tab with the roulette open to make it spin again and again.

There is no doubt that Google's choice to celebrate its 19th anniversary is a success and promises hours of entertainment for the nostalgic.

Of course, the piñata minigame could not be missing either , with which Google celebrated the first 13 years of the search engine. In that case the objective was to hit the piñata to get as many candies as possible.

Although it seems that this year the objective will be to discover all the hidden games in roulette ...