Atresplayer guide, how to get the most out of it

Atresplayer guide, how to get the most out of it

Atresplayer is a multimedia platform, where you will find much of the most popular content that is broadcast on channels that belong to the Atresmedia group, such as Antena 3 and La Sexta. We have created this article in depth, to explain what exactly the Atresplayer platform consists of , and all the details that you need to take into account before betting on this service.

What is Atresplayer

During the last 10 years the popularity of the Internet has not stopped rising , which has caused that not even the most popular television programs can stay on the sidelines. That is why the most important television companies have been forced to create their own content platforms on the Internet. One of these platforms is Atresplayer, which, as we have mentioned before, belongs to the Atresmedia group.

What is Atresplayer

Atresplayer has been around for a few years now, although it has taken a long time to reach a quality level that we can consider adequate to enjoy its multimedia content. Nowadays Atresplayer offers a fairly good performance , although it cannot be compared to what services that work exclusively through the Internet such as Netflix or YouTube offer.

The Internet is more limited than television when it comes to the broadcast of advertising. That is why the Atresmedia group, like its competitors, continues to be more interested in us seeing its content through DTT than through the Internet, since its business model is better suited to the characteristics of television.

What can I find in Atresplayer?

Atresplayer offers a multitude of programs, exclusive series, sporting events and more that are broadcast on the different channels belonging to the Atresmedia group. These channels are Antena 3, LaSexta, Neox, Nova, Mega, and Atreseries . Therefore, through Atresplayer you can watch series as popular as The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family among many others.

What can I find in Atresplayer

In addition to the above, the online channel Flooxer is also included . It is a platform dedicated to the creation and dissemination of short videos, such as the ones we can find on YouTube. The big difference is that in this case all of them have been created by television professionals, so we should expect a higher quality.


Where can I use Atresplayer?

Currently it is possible to use Atresplayer from the web browser of our PC. This platform is compatible with all the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer and some more. The advantage of using them through the browser is that you can enjoy the platform regardless of the operating system you use.

In addition, Atresplayer has applications for Android and iOS operating systems , and it even has an application for Windows , which you can install from the official Microsoft application store. Atresplayer is also included in some of the Smart TVs of the most popular manufacturers that use the Android TV operating system, such as Samsung and LG.

Where can I use Atresplayer

What do I need to use Atresplayer?

The technical requirements for using Atresplayer are quite affordable for all users. In case you want to watch content in HD resolution , you will need an Internet connection with a minimum speed of 6 Mbps .

If you want to see content at 4K resolution, the requirements are already quite high, demanding in this case an Internet connection of 25 Mbps or more.

It's free?

Atresplayer offers limited free access to all content that is broadcast live, and most of the content available in its catalog. Yes, you will have to register for free to be able to unlock most of the content that is available, as well as all the resolution and sound quality options.

Atresplayer registration

By registering, you will also get the possibility of halting the reproduction of a content, and resume it hours later from the exact point where you left it.

Is it compatible with streaming devices?

Atresplayer is fully compatible with the most popular streaming devices that we find on the market. This includes Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV Box, Nvidia Shield TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick .

Thanks to these devices, you can enjoy all the benefits of Atresplayer on televisions that do not have Smart TV functionality.

Do you have live broadcasts?

All the television channels that you will find within the Atresplayer platform have live broadcast functionality of their programming. Once you have entered the platform, you will see a " Live " button in the upper left.

Direct Atresplayer

If you press this button, you will see a list of all the channels with live program broadcasts, you can select any of them to view their content in the most comfortable way possible through your Internet connection.

Does it offer content at 4K resolution?

Atresplayer allows you to view your content in a wide range of resolutions to adjust to the needs and possibilities of all its users. Specifically, you will be able to see its content in resolutions between 360p and 4K . It is possible that not all content is available in all resolutions offered by the platform.

Atresplayer quality

Can I see everything I want and when I want?

Atresplayer is a very different platform than Netflix and HBO. This means that the shows are not available so you can watch them whenever you want. Atresplayer allows you to see all the live broadcasts of the television channels it includes, as well as some programs that have been broadcast during the last week .

Once this one-week period has ended, the content disappears from the platform, so you will no longer be able to see it. It is possible that you will find a series or a documentary that is still being broadcast on television, and you will find all the chapters available within Atresplayer, but this is an exception and not the general rule.