How to request the draft of the 2017 Income Statement without box 450

How to request the draft of the 2017 Income Statement without box 450

The information in box 450 is essential to request the draft of the 2017 Income Statement . It is used to obtain the reference number quickly, if you do not want to use more complex systems such as the Cl @ ve PIN or the electronic certificate.

This information can be found in last year's income tax return , corresponding to the 2016 financial year. But to obtain it, logically, you have to have a copy of the tax return on hand. Either on paper or in a PDF file. But it is not always the case that we have this documentation at hand.

And often, finding or retrieving last year's return can turn into a real nightmare. There is, however, the possibility of applying for the 2017 income draft through other mechanisms. In this article we present the two alternative options offered by the Tax Agency.

obtaining reference number

How to get the reference number without box 450

The reference number is essential to access all the procedures of the 2017 Income campaign. Therefore, if you cannot make the request using the information in box 450 , you will have to do it through other mechanisms. We tell you which ones.

The Cl @ ve PIN

In order to request the reference number through the Cl @ ve PIN system, you will first have to have registered in the Cl @ ve system. And it will be necessary to carry out different procedures.

1. To begin, you will need to obtain an electronic identification card. You will have to register and do it under the planned procedure. The first thing is to request the invitation letter, in which you will be asked for a series of basic information (DNI / NIE, first surname and bank account number).

2. In a few days you will receive a paper letter at your home address, with a Secure Verification Code (CSV). This number will help you complete the registration. It is a code of 16 numbers and uppercase letters.

3. This code will have to be entered, together with the DNI and bank account number, in this section of the Tax Agency page.

4. Once inside, the Tax Agency will ask you to complete the registration with more information. Thus, it will be necessary for you to enter your identity document, the support number and the date of issue. If you don't really know where this data is located, don't worry, because you will find support and instructions as you progress through the process.

5. As soon as you have entered these data, you will have to indicate that you want to register . They will also ask for a mobile phone number and an email address. When you finish, you will receive confirmation that you have registered and you will already have the Cl @ ve PIN code to request the draft of the 2017 Income Statement without box 450.

Logically, if you have an electronic certificate, you can request the Cl @ ve PIN directly , without having to request any letter. If you prefer, you can also carry out this management in person. All you have to do is find the Registry Offices that you have closest to home. From there, it will be enough for you to identify yourself as a natural person so that they will provide you with the code that you can then use from home.

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Download the Cl @ ve PIN application

As soon as you have registered, you can use the Cl @ ve PIN system through the official application , both for iOS and Android. You have to download it to your mobile device and you will have the option of using it if you have previously registered in accordance with the procedure that we have explained above.

Through this tool you can generate a PIN code to use for 24 hours . It is a system that works in this way to guarantee the security of accesses. You can request a new one, if you need it, at any time.

You can also make the request through the website of the Tax Agency, in the section Get reference number. All you will have to do is enter your DNI or NIE and then select the option Use the browser to obtain the PIN and receive the SMS . In the next step you will have to enter the DNI / NIE, the validity date of this same document and the bank account number.

Given this step, you should obtain the reference number with which you can download the draft of the 2017 income , without having to enter the information in box 450.

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Electronic certificate

Another way to obtain the reference number to manage the 2017 Income is through the electronic certificate . This system requires some technique and preparations, but is very useful once requested. It is a digital signature that can be installed in the browser and that guarantees the identity of the user or taxpayer on the Internet.

In this way, the procedures are quick and easy to carry out. To apply for the electronic certificate, you must connect to one of the websites of the certificate issuing entities (it cannot be done through the Tax Agency page).

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1. Access the certificate request page of the National Mint and Stamp Factory. Keep in mind that, at the moment, it is only possible to do these steps through Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers . If you do not want to have incidents when obtaining the certificate, we recommend that you pay attention to these technical requirements.

2. In the left part you will have to select the option Natural Person or Representative. You will need to access the Request certificate option , entering the NIF or NIE of the certificate holder, the surname and an email address.

3. You will receive an application code in your mailbox. Other information and considerations related to obtaining the certificate will also be sent here .

4. Bear in mind that the next step will be to prove your identity in the recognized registry offices , providing the code obtained at the time of making the request and the necessary documentation to identify yourself as a natural or legal person. If you go to an office of the Tax Agency, you will have to have requested an appointment first.

5. When you have the necessary code, you can download the electronic certificate from the same page of the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

6. Next, you will only have to access the application page for the reference number of the Tax Agency. And choose Electronic Certificate . The system will automatically detect your installed certificate.