Yahoo turns off automatic forwarding on its email service

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail , the email service of Yahoo , has disabled the forwarding mail to other accounts, in a twist that has very negative consequences for users using various email services.

The company's goal seems to be to force its users to forcibly check their messages through its service, without the possibility of automatically sending them to another account. In this way, Yahoo mail account owners are forced to keep their account and go directly to the Yahoo Mail website .

Forwarding option in Yahoo Mail is no longer available

When a Yahoo user tries to configure email forwarding, they receive a message specifying that this function is still under development: a message that has not gone unnoticed, especially if we take into account that the possibility of forwarding emails messages to other accounts had been in use for a long time.

In addition, as the Yahoo portal has been losing popularity, more and more users opted to redirect their mail to other accounts so as not to have to enter another tab, in a portal that no longer provided them with hardly anything of interest.

The recent acquisition of Yahoo by the Verizon group could explain this unexpected turn in the philosophy of the company, since the objective seems to be to force users to enter by force their own portal, without any possibility of checking email from accounts from other providers.

Yahoo Verizon

In any case, at the moment this error message appears only for users who are trying to configure forwarding for the first time, and the function remains available for Yahoo accounts that have already had forwarding active before. It will take a while to find out if this limit will finally be applied to all users .

Another detail that has the most critical on the warpath is that recently there have been other "suspicious" problems with the Yahoo Mail email accounts : some users have assured that they receive error messages when they try to delete their account, and shortly after the inability to activate message forwarding is discovered.

From Yahoo they assure that the deactivation of forwarding is temporary and that they are working to improve the function for all users, although there are more and more critical voices on the Internet that assure that Yahoo simply wants to make the possibility of abandoning the service very very difficult.

Follow the Yahoo crisis

A few weeks ago, the company was involved in a security scandal and had to acknowledge the theft of 500 million passwords from its users , which had occurred in 2014, and which has outraged a large number of Internet users.

The scandal has added to a streak for Yahoo that was already bad enough, and one that is prompting more and more users to try to leave their account or even delete it entirely.