Be very careful not to fall for this scam that circulates in Milanuncios

scams milanuncios

The trading platforms are not exempt from suffering scams and scams around the ads that are published on their respective web pages. A few months ago we exclusively covered a new type of scam whose main target was Wallapop users. Through automated accounts, the thieves managed to get in touch with dozens of users of the web platform trying to impersonate DHL. Now this type of ruse reaches Milanuncios, with forms very similar to those of Wallapop.

DHL and PayPal, the new ones involved in the scam that circulates through Milanuncios

Many users have joined in different forums and social networks to denounce a new type of scam where DHL, PayPal and Milanuncios are the main implicated. The way the mafias proceed is very similar to what we saw in Wallapop a few months ago.

false floors milanuncios

In summary, the thief will contact us by email or through the same telephone number that we have indicated in Milanuncios. In the latter case, the means of contact may vary depending on the type of item offered for sale: SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram ...

Regardless of the type of medium used to contact, the content of the message tends to be similar. Cases where PayPal is mentioned as a payment method tend to use the following message:

"Okay, I would like to buy it and also transport it from your country to my home in Poland and I will also pay via PayPal as it is the fastest and easiest way to pay ... and don't worry about PayPal charges, II Will Handle that directly from my account so you can have the full funds in your account. So if you accept my proposal, you must send me the information requested below if you already have an account: -


Paypal email:

Mobile phone number:

Total quantity :

so you can proceed with the transfer and then we can arrange for my shipping agent to pick you up after receiving your money. I will need your home address as well to organize the collection.


If the message in question mentions the DHL service, its content usually corresponds to the following letter:

"Thanks for your reply. I confess the interest I have in your ad that I would like to see made in Clean Hands but since I live in France I could make a money order in cash, that is, I send you the DHL money in cash in an envelope, and once I have received the money, the service will charge you to collect the package from your home.

If my payment method is convenient for you, I ask you to provide me with the following information so that I can proceed with the mandate as soon as possible: name, postal address, item price and telephone number. "

As can be seen from the content of the message and the spelling, both correspond to a scam attempt. In the first case, the thief will send us an email impersonating PayPal with a false money transfer . Later we will receive another email urging us to enter a certain amount of money to "unblock the transfer made", as it is an "international transfer".

As for the DHL scam, the form is practically traced. We will receive an email impersonating DHL urging us to deposit money to unblock the international transfer . The company itself has already disassociated itself from this type of practice in an official statement through its website. In this other article we collect several tricks to detect this type of fraud. From we strongly recommend following the recommendations to avoid falling into this new wave of scams.