▷ 5 courses and websites to learn to program with Python for free [2019]

free python courses 2019-2

In the age of the Internet, learning to code is easier than ever. If until a few years ago it was something accessible to only a privileged few, today it is possible to find material of all kinds to learn different programming languages, whether oriented to the web, desktop or mobile through applications. Python is one of the most recommended programming languages ​​currently and with the greatest future projection. That is why this time we have made a compilation of five courses and web pages to learn to program Python for free .

Python Course on Computer Pills

One of the most complete courses to learn Python on the Internet. Available both on the web and on YouTube, the Computer Pills course has no less than 78 lessons where the operation of Python is taught from the simplest concepts to the compilation of a complete program, as well as the generation of its executable for the system to which it is dedicated.

In short, a must have if we want to learn programming from scratch, and more specifically Python.

Python Course by Manuel J. Dávila

Manuel is another of the best known Spanish-speaking youtubers  in the world of programming. In addition to having a blog where all the information related to the programming languages ​​shown on the YouTube channel is hosted, Manuel has more than 50 videos where all the concepts of Python are shelled .

Divided into several sections, the Python course takes us from the most basic methods to the language events dedicated to generating graphical interfaces , this being one of the few free courses that we can find on the Internet with lessons aimed at generating a user interface.

Python 2 Course from Codeacademy

The one that today is one of the best pages to learn to program has a course of more than 25 hours of Python 2 . A course that uses 12 lessons divided according to the difficulty of the language that unlike the two previous courses, is entirely in English.

codeacademy python

It also uses videos to explain the syntax, methods, and complexity of the language graphically. As far as content is concerned, although the course is quite comprehensive, it is not aimed at those who already have programming knowledge .

Python 3 Easy Code Course

Together with Codeacademy, one of the largest programming websites in Spanish today. In addition to having a complete free Python 3 course on the web, its strong point is based on the more than 30 videos that the Code Facilito channel on YouTube has.

With a philosophy very similar to that of the J. Dávila Manual y Píldoras Informáticas course, the course ranges from the simplest concepts of Python to the generation of classes and their different functions.

Ernesto's Geekipedia Python Course

Python is one of the most widely supported languages ​​today, thanks in part to its success. Ernesto's Geekipedia course comes with updated content that draws on Python 3.7.4 , the latest version of the language to date. In fact, the course has not yet ended as of today since its beginning dates back to last July.

As for the content of the course, this is aimed "at all those who want to learn to program Python and program in general from scratch in a professional way", according to the author himself.