Samsung S20A300N, a new 20-inch LED monitor

Samsung S20A300N, a new 20-inch LED monitor 1

The Sa msung S20A300N is a new monitor for computers belonging to the 3 Series screens the Korean company. As is customary with the latest products in the house, the S20A300N enjoys a clean and stylish design, with a glossy black finish that is sure to blend in with any desk.

We are facing a team with a 20-inch led screen. The image format is 16: 9 , and its resolution is 1600 x 900 pixels . It offers a maximum brightness value of 250 cd / m 2 and a response time of five milliseconds . As in other monitors and screens of the brand, the S20A300N incorporates the Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio technology , which according to Samsung is capable of achieving a contrast value of up to 5,000,000: 1 . In terms of dimensions, the S20A300N occupies a space of 478 mm x 365 mmcounting on the support, and with a depth of the screen of 53mm .

Samsung S20A300N, a new 20-inch LED monitor 2

Viewing angle is an important factor in monitors . In the case of the Samsung S20A300N we have a support with five levels of inclination for a viewing angle of up to 170º horizontally and 160º vertically, so that we can distinguish the images even if we have the screen very inclined with respect to the point of view.

The Samsung S20A300N also cares about the environment. For this, it has the Eco Saving mode , which allows us to choose between three different levels of brightness, with the consequent energy savings for each of them ( 50%, 25% and Power Saving off ). It also includes a timer to turn off the monitor at a scheduled time. At the rear we will simply find a D-Sub connector to receive the image signal from the computer.

In short, a monitor with simple features and a pleasant design. The Samsung S20A300N is now available at an approximate retail price of 140 euros .

Samsung S20A300N, a new 20-inch LED monitor 3