Football Manager 2019, news of the most complete football simulator for PC

Football Manager 2019, news of the most complete football simulator for PC

The Football Manager saga continues to bring, year after year, to all lovers of professional football, a football management simulator. The fan can become the owner of an entire professional football club and feel, first-hand, all that the professional fabric of the football league entails. Of course, without having to have exorbitant amounts of money in the bank.

In the Football Manager saga's own words, this game is ' the closest thing to managing a (football) team in the real world '. And this year also comes with news highly anticipated by all fans , such as the long-awaited incorporation of the official license of the German league, the Bundesliga.


New features added to Football Manager 2019

Improved Tactics Module

The tactics system in Football Manager 2019 has been completely redesigned to give the user an even greater sense of what it means to be a 'manager'. In recent editions, the game has been in charge of incorporating new features in this regard and, specifically, the roles of the players are increasingly important in Football Manager. Now, the game has tried to present all these new features in a more coherent way to get the most out of the game.

Now clicking on the tactics screen will display the full list of available styles with their corresponding descriptions. In addition, you may have the opportunity to create your own style or ask the assistant to select one. Once the style has been chosen, the player will be able to see the team instructions associated with that style and the most appropriate lineups for it. You can also assign specific instructions for the 3 phases of the game, that is, when you have the ball, during the transitions of attack and defense and without possession of the ball.

Redesigned training

The training 'suffers' in this edition of the game its most bulky renewal. The new game module includes a greater number of different options, preparatory sessions and different programs to help managers extract the best in older players, as well as develop younger ones. The creator of the game has been in charge of working closely with clubs and coaches around the world so that the representation of the management is natural. Managers now have greater control of how their team plays.

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VAR (Video Refereeing) and match improvements

Football Manager 2019 incorporates two elements of video technology recently used in professional football. The first of them is VAR or video arbitration. There are two types of VAR, one in which a television is used, located next to the field of play, to study a correct decision, and another in which the referee communicates with external assistants through a headset. To these two technologies, 'goal line technology' has been added. This new technology shows a replay from a 'top down' or overhead perspective to see whether or not the ball crossed the goal line.

Official Bundesliga license

For the first time in Football Manager, all 36 German football clubs appear .

New game appearance and initiation for new managers

This edition of Football Manager is updated with a new user interface and a new starter system so that the most novice players do not get lost in the complexity of the game.

Football Manager 2019 goes on sale on November 2 at a price of 55 euros .