Netflix will employ 25,000 people at its Tres Cantos center in Madrid

Netflix will employ 25,000 people at its Tres Cantos center in Madrid

Netflix has been part of the Spanish audiovisual ecosystem since 2015. In these four years, authentic balls have been forged such as “Las Chicas del Cable” or “La Catedral del Mar”. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have opened their first production center in Europe in Madrid, which already employs 13,000 people, although it  will be 25,000 by the end of the year.

In full operation

In reality, this center is already fully operational, with facilities of more than 22,000 meters rented from Secuoya in Tres Cantos (Madrid). It is precisely there that the third season of “La casa de papel” is being finished, with a premiere dated for July. At the moment they occupy three 1,200-square-meter sets, with another two under construction .

From the production company itself they also point out that, although the headquarters of the new facilities is in Madrid, different shootings will also be carried out in locations throughout the State .


Spanish fiction for the world market

The relationship between the American audiovisual platform and our country is in good shape . A relationship that dates back to 2015. Since then, it has developed twenty-four Spanish productions -series and films- and forty co-productions with other countries. In fact, Spain, along with Germany, are the countries in Europe where the most investment is being made in new projects. However, we must emphasize the importance of the series in Spanish, since they have a much longer history thanks to the Latin market.

They are joined by two new projects that have been announced this week . On the one hand, “Midas's Favorites”, an adaptation in six episodes of a Jack London story that will be directed by Mateo Gil, with Luis Tosar as the main character; and on the other, "The Innocent", another adaptation, in this case of the crime novel The Innocent by Harlan Coben, which will begin filming later this year.

Without a doubt, the inauguration of the new facilities in Madrid coincides with a sweet moment for the company. They closed 2018 with 20 million more subscribers and doubled profits . However, curves are also looming on this journey with the arrival of new competitors in the streaming content market.