OmniJoin, this is the Brother professional video conferencing system

Brother OmniJoin Video Conferencing Solution

Ease of use, collaboration, scalability, security ... These are key concepts in the professional world. And even more so if we talk about communications between employees and managers of the organization . Videoconferencing platform OmniJoin of Brother tries to respond to all the needs of the company with a comprehensive web - based platform. OmniJoin is designed for all types of professional environments, from architects to medical centers, through universities, colleges and large corporations. Among the keys to this solution we have securityof conversations (with encryption both in origin and destination), compatibility with different applications such as AutoCAD or Office  and the possibility of using it through mobile. The basic OmniJoin rate is 180 euros per year for eight devices at a time. We tell you the main details.

The OmniJoin platform is web-based, making it easy to access through any computer. In fact, Brother has also deployed an app to use this platform from an Android mobile . One of its main keys is security . Communication is encrypted at both source and destination , through 256-bit AES, 3DES, and SHA cryptographic keys . This care in security is what has allowed him to reach an agreement with the United States Department of Defense, which has used it for a long time.

Another key to this system is collaborative work. OmniJoin is compatible with many applications that have an important professional depth, such as the AutoCad 3D design solution or the Office and Google Docs office automation platforms . In addition, the possibility of including remote control of computers or sharing data through a common cloud platform is included in the equation . When it comes to operation, the quality of the videoconference depends on the bandwidth that is had in each place from which it is accessed, with the use of the H.264 video codec.

As we said at the beginning, this platform is designed to be scalable and adapt to the needs of each professional or company. OmniJoin is a system that fits very well with the world of architects , but also with the possibility of taking the doctor's office to the patients' homes (in the case of problems that do not require urgent medical attention or a periodic review ). Another field that this tool covers very well is the world of online university  and the option of doing blended tutorials or classes without the need to be physically in the classroom. In addition to these environments, OmniJoin is intended for larger corporations. Its basic rate is placed at 180 eurosper year for the use of up to eight devices at the same time, while the most comprehensive rate with up to 100 devices connected at the same time goes up to 660 euros per year.