How to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 as a car GPS

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 GPS 01

One of the most interesting functions of our smartphones and tablets is that of GPS . Practically all the smart mobile phones and tablets that we already have on the market have this tool that allows users to enjoy some applications and services that require geolocation , but also use their devices as a GPS navigator , a function that previously only had the opportunity to run on a dedicated TomTom- like navigator , to name a hackneyed example. The fact is that at this point, any device that incorporates a SIM card can function asIn-car navigator , even offering voice instructions to drivers so they don't have to put themselves in danger behind the wheel. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and you want to start enjoying this function, today we will tell you some of the keys to running the service in an agile and simple way. Here are a few simple steps as instructions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 GPS 02

Prepare your tablet

First of all, you should know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 can be used as a GPS navigator in the car. The size of its screen, seven inches, is the maximum allowed by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) , so that you can install it in your vehicle without any problem. Later we will give you some instructions to incorporate it into your car in the most appropriate way. Do not worry about it. Of course, to activate your  Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 you must first turn on the GPS connection of the tablet.

The device has a global positioning system receiver, also known as GPS , which you can activate by accessing the Settings section , selecting Location Services . Once inside, select the Use GPS satellites function so that the system can find your location and use it to run Google services .

We remind you that GPS functions consume a lot of energy, so if you want to conserve your phone's battery and you don't need this service, you'd better deactivate it. You can have problems with the GPS if there is bad weather near electromagnetic fields or high voltage. Also, do not touch or cover the area around the antenna with your hands or other objects while using the GPS functions .

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 GPS 03

Activate navigation

Once the GPS is activated , you will have to open the Navigation application , which is in charge of providing the navigation service. All you have to do is access the applications and click on the Navigation icon . Then you will have to enter the destination. You can do it by writing (in the traditional way) or even out loud, since the device will be able to recognize the site if you say it clearly, vocalizing . Another interesting option is to enter the destination by clicking on a contact that has the address incorporated. This will make it much easier for you to go to a site that you are already familiar with. The same goes for addresses that you have added as favorites. From then on, the navigation application will start offering you voice instructions. If you access the settings , you will also have the opportunity to add additional layers to see the conditions of the route, traffic and any other factor that may affect your trip.

Adapt the device to the car

As we told you at the beginning, the most appropriate thing is to get a system that allows you to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 in the front of the car. In the official Samsung store , for example, a Navigation Kit is sold under the serial name ECS-V980BEG Galaxy Tab 7.0 that is compatible with both versions of the seven-inch tablet. It works attached to a suction cup (in principle, and according to Samsung , with great suction power) and it also serves to charge the battery while driving, which is also an added advantage. The platform complies with all security regulations . It costs 58 euros and you can buy it in theSamsung SmartShop in Spain .