The best options for discovering song lyrics


It sure has happened to you more than once. You are in a place and suddenly a song sounds that you do not know and that you want to be part of your Spotify list from that moment. Today there are many ways to find out what the topic is about. It is best that you use a mobile application. However, on many occasions, either because of the noise from the premises, lack of coverage or because they do not identify it, it is impossible for them to recognize it.

At that point, you can carry out other formulas to try to find that melody that you are so excited about . We review some of them and we also give you a short list of some of the best apps to discover songs.

Discover song lyrics without installing any app

Whether you are on Android or iOS, you have the possibility to discover new songs without having to resort to an application. How?

On Android, it's as simple as using the Google assistant. Press and hold the home button and say "what's this song." The wizard will automatically proceed to analyze it to give you an answer in a matter of seconds. Logically this is the same as having an application installed, although with the advantage that you will not have to open it and waste time, especially if the topic that interests you is already ending. It is as fast as giving an order to the assistant to know him instantly.


If you are from iOS you will have to ask Siri, Apple's assistant for a favor. In his case, Siri has Shazam integrated directly, one of the best applications to recognize songs, so it is difficult for him to fail. Say "Hey Siri" and then ask her to tell you the song that sounds with the command "What am I listening to?" The result is very fast and in a few seconds you will know what it sounds like.


Make sure that in both cases the sound is as clear as possible so that any of the attendees can recognize the song. If you see it taking time, turn up the sound from the player or bring the device closer to the speaker.

Sing yourself to know what song it's about

If one day you find yourself not carrying your mobile phone and a song that interests you is playing, a very helpful option is to keep part of the lyrics and melody, memorize it or write it down and then use Midomi. This website gives you the possibility to become the interpreter for a moment. Thus, you will be able to know exactly the subject that does not stop ringing in your head. Once you're on the page, tap on the microphone at the top and sing or sing the song for a minimum of 10 seconds.

The best options to discover song lyrics 1

Keep in mind that you have to be quite clear when pronouncing or humming, especially if the subject is in English, so that there are no problems during recognition . If the result is not displayed the first time, try again, sometimes it costs a little, since it is not the real song it is much less accurate.

A similar option to Midomi is ACRCloud. You can sing the melody or sing it in case you don't have the song at hand, but it also works like Shazam and other song recognition apps, since putting a few seconds of the melody will tell you which one it is. ACRCloud has a database of more than 40 million songs and a recognition rate of more than 90%, something quite positive if we consider that some of the songs are hummed.

Apps to discover songs

We know you know Shazam perfectly, but did you know that there is life beyond this app? What we mean is that along with Shazam other tools coexist capable of making us discover new songs for our music lists. If you are getting tired of the Shazam interface, we encourage you to try them, or to combine them, since on some occasions Shazam tends to fail to identify a theme.


With a fluid and minimalist interface, Genius is emerging as the perfect application to know what music is playing. And it is that you will not only discover what it is about, it will also show you the lyrics so that you know what it says and you can sing it. In addition, within the app you also have a player to listen to the song directly from there. And not only this, you also have a section to find out the latest news on the music scene, as well as a music search engine.


As we say, its use is very simple. To identify a theme you just have to go to the "Me" tab (located at the bottom of the app) and click on the equalizer bars that appear at the top. All the music that you identify will be saved in the "My Music" section. In this way, you can later create your own lists so you never forget those songs. The app is available for both Android and iOS.


In addition to Shazam, Musixmatch is another of the most popular applications for identifying topics. Its operation is very simple, with a clean and clear interface, in which as soon as you start up, different lists are displayed to learn about new topics. All of them can be played from the app (through Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music) with lyrics included. To find out what melody is playing you just have to click on "Identify" (located at the bottom of the screen).


One of its advantages over other similar apps is that in addition to being able to listen to the song directly from the application and know the lyrics, Musixmatch translates what it says for you if you are not very put into that language . If we investigate a little about the app, we will also come across the contribute section. This will allow us to add lyrics to songs and help the community. Musixmatch also has a premium paid version, in case you become a fan of the app and want to enjoy other options that are not in the free version. Its price is 36 euros a year, which comes out to three euros a month. You have the possibility to try it for 7 days completely free. Download the app for Android or iOS.