Lenovo Yoga Book C930, Lenovo's most original convertible returns

Lenovo Yoga Book C930, Lenovo's most original convertible returns

Lenovo has started the IFA 2018 by renewing its entire product catalog, including the classic Yoga Book, the Yoga Book C930 is the renewal one of the most original convertibles of the company that now adds a new processor E ink screen and new functions. Next, we tell you all the information about this new device.

The main feature of this Yoga Book C930 is its double screen. It has a main touch panel of 10.8 inches QHD resolution. It also has a second screen in the lower area. This can change and become a keyboard. Mainly this second screen will allow us to take notes or draw using the Stylus that the device includes. This smart pen detects both panels, making it possible to move around the interface. Of course, the panels are tactile and we can use our finger to open or navigate in the applications. In the event that we do not want to take notes, the screen can be converted into a backlit keyboard that also includes a trackpad.

Different positions


The Yoga Book C930 allows you to put it in different positions . We can use it as a portable mode to work or draw. If we adjust it position "L" or "V" in reverse for presentations or watching movies and fully folded to use it in Tablet mode. In the latter case, the second screen will be disabled.

Inside this device we find different versions of the seventh generation Intel M3 processor or an Intel Core I5. Both versions come with 4 GB of RAM and 256 GB internal storage , which is expandable via micro SD cards. The terminal uses Windows 10 as the operating system to improve productivity. Its autonomy is approximately 25 hours.

Price and availability

This Yoga Book C930 will be available at the end of September. Its price will be about 1,000 euros.