Pepecine does not work: 5 alternatives to watch movies and series online

Pepecine does not work: 5 alternatives to watch movies and series online 1

Pepecine is one of the great portals in Spanish of series and online movies. Although the page is accessible today from its original domain, the truth is that it has suffered a series of continuous blocks by operators for infringing the copyright of the works it links. Currently this block is maintained in some companies , which is why we are forced to resort to other web pages. We have compiled some of these alternatives to Pepecine to watch all kinds of streaming content.

The character of this article is informative. At no time is it encouraged to download and view content protected by copyright. From the team we only recommend making use of services that have the rights to the content that it offers.


Probably the best alternative to Pepecine and any other streaming platform to watch series and movies online. The portal in question has a catalog comparable to that of Netflix and HBO, with titles ranging from classics to the latest releases on the billboard , as well as documentaries, television shows and anime.

The good news is that access to the platform is not limited, although we will have to access through a previously registered user . To this we must add that the web has an application for Android with which we will not need to be registered.


5 alternatives to Vidcorn to watch series and movies online in 2020

Along with Megadede, the best alternative to Pepecine. The web has been forced to change domain in Spain, although today it is still accessible from the Google search engine . Regarding the content of the portal, Vidcorn has countless series and films, along with television programs and many other audiovisual works.

Due to the huge number of ads that the page has, we will have to be careful when navigating through its content , especially if we are going to access from a mobile phone.


A page that focuses a large part of its content on superhero series, although we can also find series with different themes. Also, the page has a section dedicated exclusively to Marvel and DC films .

It is true that it has a lot of publicity. The good news is that it usually features the latest episodes of some of the most popular series of the moment.


octostream download pepecine alternatives-2

It is not a regular website, but rather an application developed for Android phones and tablets with a catalog comparable to Pepecine's. This is the reason why we will not be able to access it through a common browser .

The interface of the application is very similar to that of HBO and Netflix. Also the content, which can be downloaded and viewed from the application itself through the integrated video player. To access their servers we will have to previously register on the platform , although we can also access as guests with some limited options.


seriez alternative to pelispedia does not work

We come to the last alternative with SerieZ, a page that focuses most of its content on series, programs and documentaries . It also has a section for films, although the number is proportionally less than the series.

Unlike Pepecine, the main advantage of SerieZ, beyond the quantity and diversity of its content, is that it barely has advertising . This facilitates access and navigation through mobile devices or through computers with limited hardware.