The best cold wave memes to send on WhatsApp

The best cold wave memes to send on WhatsApp

Surely you have noticed the change in temperature. A little over a month ago we were at home, with the fan on, and when we went out we were still wearing shorts and we waited for the night to reach out. From one day to the next, the cold wave has arrived. We have to take out the winter clothes again, put the swimsuits and tank tops away and look, let's see, where we had put the gloves and scarves. Not to mention umbrellas, a tool that is easier to lose than to keep for months by our side.

Therefore, to alleviate a bit this cold wave that has come out of the blue to our lives, we offer the best memes of the cold spell to send by WhatsApp. The best comments so that, among the members of a WhatsApp group, you show solidarity with each other and try to cope a little better with the cold. Memes to watch curled up on the couch, with a hot drink and a blanket. We started!

The problem of changing channels

We are already curled up on the couch. The blanket high up to the neck, our favorite show tune in… Oh no! We have forgotten to open Netflix on TV to watch the series. And now who reaches out to change the channel? Do you do it, baby?

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The problem of size in winter

It's a fact: when it's cold even the most 'gifted' succumbs. The cold makes everything smaller , like when we go to the beach in summer and we are surprised by how cold the water is. Share this meme in your group of friends and you will see how everyone will agree with you.

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Climate change

Temperatures go up every year and that is a fact. But memory is short, and it still seems to us that every winter that passes it gets colder ... when it is surely the opposite. Don't you think the same?

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The meme for fathers and mothers

If you are a father or mother, you will feel identified . If you had a father or mother, you sure looked a lot like the baby in the photo. Therefore, anyone could be identified with this meme.

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The solidarity meme

With this meme you can tell the whole group that, please, take into account the outside temperatures and that they come out warm . Make sure you notice that even the donkey has put on her good pants. Do not go to catch a cold and have to ask for a sick leave at the farm.

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Facebook heavyweights

Sure you have on your Facebook contact list to the heavy typically does not pass the opportunity to put in public, it is very cold . As if no one knows that it does. Because, if you publish it, it seems that it does less, that it copes a little better. It is not true?

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Self-deception is the best

Some say that cold is psychological . If so, it is best to do as the protagonist of the following meme. Repeating continuously that no, that it is not cold, that everything is in our head and that it is actually a little hot. One tip: better think about this while you are warm. A little more. Is it not so cold anymore? Don't you see how everything was in your head?

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And finally…

We couldn't forget… the cat blanket!

cold wave memes

If you want to send some of these  memes of the cold wave by WhatsApp, one must do the following:

If you are on the computer, log in to WhatsApp Web and save the memes directly in this article. To do this, click on the image with the right mouse button and then click on 'Save as ...'

If you are on mobile, press and hold the image until a pop-up window appears. In this window you can choose to download the image. Then, on WhatsApp, send the image like any photograph.