The funniest Mother's Day memes to send on WhatsApp

The funniest Mother's Day memes to send on WhatsApp

Mother's Day is just around the corner. This 2020, the celebration of all mothers will be something different due to the State of Alarm, which forces us to stay in our homes to avoid the spread of the virus. Even so, there are very original ways to congratulate our mothers. For example, we can send you a gift voucher on Amazon, or buy you something on the internet and send it to your home. You can also share with her a series of funny memes . Here are some suggestions.

To send a meme on WhatsApp, you just have to press and hold on the image and click on the button that says 'Save image'. Afterwards, go to WhatsApp and open the conversation. Then click on the clip icon and click on 'image'. Go to the album that says 'Recent' or 'Downloads' and select the image you have downloaded. You can also send him a message with the same image. Let's look at those memes. 

Against all authority, although there are exceptions


You can be against all authority, but not with your mother's. If she tells you that you have to do something, you have to do it.



Because I'm your mother! How many times have you heard that phrase? This meme is related to the first image, and that is that we always have to pay attention to a mother… precisely because she is our mother. Send this meme to your mother to a friend, sure they feel identified.

Your mom doesn't have Facebook


During Mother's Day it is normal to see posts on Facebook or other social networks congratulating you on your day. But if your mother doesn't have Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, you don't need to congratulate her there . Mainly because she won't find out. It is better to tell them in person. Now, you can always post an image in honor of her, so that your followers see how much you love her.

If your mother has Facebook ...


If your mother has Facebook, then yes you can congratulate her there. But don't do it with a simple message . Do it with this meme. Yes, I said that it is a compilation of memes to send by WhatsApp, but WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, so ...

It's mother's day


You can make an excuse that we are homebound and cannot go shopping. Maybe it does not fall into that you can order products through Amazon or another online store. You can also be a good person and find him a gift or congratulate him with this meme.

The risk of Mother's Day


It may seem that Mother's Day is a happy day, with congratulations gifts… But no, there is a risk factor: your partner passing you by with his mother to congratulate her.

When did you discover that your mother is not really called Mom?


No, her name is not Mom, although we always call her that way, surely your mother has a very nice name. Send her this meme to congratulate her and have a good time.

There is nothing worse


Mothers are wonderful, except when they hand you the phone.

A mother always finds everything


How many times has it happened to you that you can't find a thing and ask your mother? We don't know how, but she always finds it. Sometimes if any kind of problem. Others with threats. It is best to do your research before asking.



This is the only toast you can make to your mother, if she doesn't live with you. Happy Mother's Day!