The funniest memes and GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp

Memes and GIFS for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a day of great controversy. On the one hand there are those who take the opportunity to bring out their romanticism, on the other hand there are the rebels and unbelievers who consider that all this is a business and does not represent love. The truth is that it leaves no one indifferent, and in one way or another, February 14 is just being talked about as the day that Cupid does his thing. Therefore, whether you like Valentine's Day or not, if you are in a relationship you may have to give in for the benefit of your relationship. In any case (even if you are single) it is essential that you make it fun , for this we show you some of the funniest memes and GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp.

What is clear is that in the end on Valentine's Day one way or another you have to succumb to love, and if you are single who knows, maybe this is a good time to let yourself fall into their networks. You can also take the opportunity to send WhatsApp with funny memes and GIFs , either to laugh at the vicissitudes that love entails, or to complement it with any gift and give it a funny touch.

Believe it or not in this event, for some special, humor must always be present . As it helps reduce bitterness, it slightly dilutes the thickness of the cloying and adds sweetness to any detail that is lovingly delivered. Take note with this collection that we show you, so that the humor remains alive above all else, with or without a loved one.

Some of the funniest memes and GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp

Awkward in love

Oddly enough, there are those who are open to love and believe in Valentine's Day despite being single. They don't have it, not because they didn't want to but because they've tried over and over again and they feel clumsy, as they always end up screwing up over and over again. Perhaps the problem is being so eager to get it, that undoubtedly makes it slip out of your hands and hit you all over the face. If you are one of these people, take it easy, don't be so anxious and it will eventually come.

MSaen Valntín I am in love

Take it with philosophy

Suffering on Valentine's Day from being alone? Have a bad time because all your friends celebrate it with their partners? Do not fall into lamentation and stop feeling sorry for yourself, it is best that you take it with philosophy. Gain strength and gain confidence, reflect on the fact that someone is not going to be able to enjoy you yet. That you are alone on this day declared as that of love does not mean that you are not useful for this , and that love is not going to reach you. Send your Valentine's message on WhatsApp making it clear that you are above that, and that you will end up accompanied by the person who deserves you (and of course that you deserve it, since this is always mutual and reciprocal).

Valentine's day meme for whatsapp

Love overrated

Love is not always what it seems, sometimes we are desperately looking for it and when it arrives it comes loaded with ups and downs and complications. You can make it clear on your social networks that love does not always end up being good, and sometimes it is quite the opposite. It is not for you to console yourself with it, but rather so that they do not sell you that it is a bed of roses, since failures are usually rather frequent.

Sheldon Coopeen on Valentine's Day


It's like that, sometimes there are crushes, but you're so clueless that you don't even realize it. It may not interest you, but of course if it is something you wanted, you will have to be more attentive for the next occasion.

GIF for Valentine

Valentine's Gifts

You cannot miss the commercial touch on this special day of love. If you have a partner, you better not forget to buy a nice detail. Pay attention, as he will surely give you more than one signal about what he expects and what he would like to have.

Valentine's gift gif

Happily in love

Of course you also have to show love when you are in love. That moment when you are full and complete with happiness, why not enjoy it? Take advantage of it and it is best that you let the other person know.

Gif happily in love

Too much love in the environment

It shows on Valentine's Day how tired you are of so much love hanging around everywhere, it becomes cloying, right? It is possible that all your friends are paired and you remember this day that you are alone. Of course, trying to protect you from so much romance.

Valentine Gif for WhatsApp

Let yourself be carried away by love

The force that love has on Valentine's Day intensifies and you have no choice but to let yourself be carried away by it. Try to be willing and above all try to make it fun.

Let go of love

Do not go romantic

You may be very romantic or just want to impress the person you are with. It goes without saying that not everyone lives the same today and your partner may be one of those people who chokes a bit with so many gestures of love. Before preparing something that is too charged with love, try to see and consider if your partner will not suffocate with so much. Try to balance a little. Although she can always show you in some funny way how she lives Valentine's Day on WhatsApp. It can be something like this funny scene.

Past of romanticism

I don't care about valentine

If you don't have someone to celebrate the day of love with, you can always pretend that you really don't care about this event. This does not go with you so show it on your social networks in a fun way. for you it's one more day and it doesn't matter much right?

Valentine i don't care

Couples who always celebrate love

There are couples who do not have to express something special for this Valentine's Day, because they already do it every day taking care of love. Being satisfied leads them to want to always enjoy themselves and of course why not also take advantage of this moment? Dancing, having fun, in a good mood and being happy is the greatest expression that there is satisfaction and that love is working regardless of the day it is. With this GIF, celebrate by dancing with your partner every day you spend with her.

Dance valentine

For all these occasions there are memes and GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp. Do not miss yours and share it to give this day your touch of humor. We offer you some more that can represent well how you are.

Singles Relief

valentine gift 1

Like any other day

Valentine's Day

Plans for Valentine's Day

Valentine's plans

Valentine with my ex


I hate Valentine

I hate valentine meme