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The phone rings, and it's a number we don't know . It is not the first time that we have encountered heavy salespeople, survey services or even collection companies . So should we answer? That is the question asked on the website , the result of a collective effort to locate and restrict all those annoying calls.

How does it work ? It is the simplest thing in the world. When entering the page we have a search engine where we can dial the phone from which we want to get information. We do it and then the statistics of the users appear , the percentage that has considered the call negative, neutral or positive, and what type of call it is. Below all of this we have the individual reviews of each user relating their personal experience.

should answer

What happens if we leave a review of a phone number, either to confirm or contradict the criticism of others, or because no one has yet written about that number? We just have to go to the tab that is right next to the phrase " Add your evaluation ", just above the comments, and mark it. We will get a menu like this:

answer or not 3

It is a fairly complete menu that allows us to sharpen our opinion of the call. On the one hand we have the main element, which is the assessment : there will have to choose whether the phone generally has a rating negative, positive or neutral , and will be the data that will go to the statistics then consult all. Then we can specify what type of call it was, with options like " telemarketer ", "financial services", " debt collector ", "survey" or "prank call", among many other options. Then we can choose a name or a nickname(no type of registration is necessary), a summary title for our comment, and finally, the comment , which can be as long as we want.

Should respond app

In addition to the website , there is a free application for Android called also " Should Reply? ”Which allows us to use this entire database and apply it to our phone's agenda, using countless filters to block or receive alerts against incoming, outgoing or SMS calls. In addition, the app reviews our call history to locate phones recognized as negative within the database. By downloading the application you can shield your phonein front of the type of calls that you least want, and finally to be able to enjoy your mobile phone calmly, without having to be alert every time we don't recognize a phone number and doubts begin to arise . The filter options are multiple , so we recommend that you download the application and check it out for yourself.

should answer app

As you can see, I should Respond is both a page and an app that are extremely useful and interesting in times of communicative harassment that we live in, and it is good to know that there is a community that resists and protects each other . If you are one of those who have had any of these unpleasant telephone encounters and want to do something about it, you already know what your platform is .