The best Labor Day memes and GIFs to share on WhatsApp

May 1 forges

One more year, at the end of April, we get down to work to celebrate All Workers' Day. May 1 is a holiday in which many tend to take the opportunity to enjoy a day off , and even connect it to a bridge that is the prelude to summer holidays.

But the truth is that many are also swift and faithful to the demonstrations that the different workers' organizations and unions call for the day . In the meantime, whether you are on one side or the other, or even both, we offer you an interesting collection of memes, jokes and GIFs that you can share with your family, friends and co-workers through WhatsApp.


There is no shortage of criticism on Labor Day. In fact, this is a perfect day to unleash irony and not leave a puppet with a head. Especially when it comes to talking about entrepreneurs.


What work do we like? Okay, yes. The ideal in this life is that you like your job as much as possible, but it is true that sometimes, you wonder how well you would live without having to get up at seven every day.

The best Labor Day memes and GIFs to share on WhatsApp 1

Although the truth is that there are some who take it very calmly. One of them, Homer Simpson , whose character forces him to take things from work with absolute philosophy.


Others do not breathe so calmly. You just have to see their faces. Happy worker's day? Well, according to who.

The best Labor Day memes and GIFs to share on WhatsApp 2

A Buster Keaton , for example, does not make you less grace this new time control system that has imposed the government through a decree law. Although this signing, neither before nor now, is an action that makes us feel comfortable.


Since the economic crisis of 2008, Spain has not yet fully recovered. There are many who never got a new job, so it is not surprising that more than ten years later jokes are still being made about being unemployed .

The best Labor Day memes and GIFs to share on WhatsApp 3

Although the truth is that for many, having a secure job is not luck. Do you recognize yourself in this GIF of the foldable and perfectly fileable office worker ?


Some don't even remember what the heck was celebrated on May 1. Do not forget about people over 50 , who are still of working age. And it is that employers do not make it easy for them when it comes to providing them with new positions.

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Tomorrow is a holiday, yes. So if you plan to leave the office today as the devil's soul today, be very careful. It is very likely that, if you have not finished that report yet, your boss is waiting for you to ask you on the corner and maybe hold you a few more hours. Nobody like him to ruin your plans!


The economic crisis forced many to swell the unemployment lists. However, many others decided to reinvent themselves to survive . And, although they continue to work for other companies, they have put on the label of freelancers, entrepreneurs or have even believed they have founded their own brand. Is this also your case?

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Many this afternoon are going to do their last final sprint. There is less left to enjoy a party Wednesday. And then there will only be a couple of days left for the weekend.


That some employers congratulate their workers on the occasion of Labor Day has noses. Are you sure that everyone tomorrow will have the opportunity to celebrate the day properly? 


How not to get our beloved Forges back for this May 1. He who drew and wrote so much on the occasion of this day. Does anyone remember what the reason for this celebration was? 


How many have gotten their job back? Yes. How many of these jobs are absolutely worthless? Too.memes-work-11

Many will have the opportunity to go out and claim their rights to the street . Others may have to return to their jobs if they do not want the boss to put them on the ditto.


That Mafalda makes things crystal clear every time she opens her mouth is another truth like a fist. And you, are you also one of those who dedicate their lives to work?