▷ 5 pages to convert YouTube videos to MP3 that work [2020]

5 Websites to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 That Work in 2020 1

Despite the popularization of platforms such as Spotify, there are not exactly few users who continue to bet on a local music format without depending on the Internet or third-party services. Currently there are many websites that promise to convert YouTube videos to MP3. Unfortunately, a large part of these web pages have been closed or suspended due to claims from the platform itself.

The reason? Violating current laws regarding the protection of copyrighted content. This is the reason why almost all web pages do not allow downloading of registered content . A few days ago we saw some pages to convert YouTube videos to MP4. This time we have compiled several of these pages to download YouTube videos in MP3 and other sound formats.

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  • MP3 YouTube
  • MP3Hub
  • SaveMP3
  • DLNowSoft

MP3 YouTube

So. As it is. As the name itself suggests, it is a website whose sole purpose is to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files online without the need to install programs. Best of all, the page in question is compatible with virtually any platform. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo etc. Thus up to more than 1,000 websites, as claimed by the platform itself.

5 Websites to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 That Work in 2020 2

The operation of it is really simple. We just have to paste the video link in the search box and click on the Download button, after which a series of pop-up windows will appear that we will have to skip to proceed with the download of the original file.

If what we want is to export the videos to MP4, the platform has a section for exporting videos. Unfortunately, we will not be able to choose the final quality of the MP3. The number of Kbps is not indicated either, although it is to be assumed that the page uses the traditional 192 Kbps .

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One of the longest-lived websites. Although it has a lot of publicity, the truth is that its operation is quite decent, unless the length of the video is significant. In fact, the platform allows us to export videos to different audio and video formats: MP3, MP4, FLV, AVI ...

convert youtube to mp3 2020 0

The red arrow indicates the false virus warnings that the page will enable when we download the final file, warnings that we will have to ignore to avoid the installation of malware on our computer.

After entering a valid YouTube link, the website will begin to convert the video to the format that we have previously indicated. Later it will urge us to install our own program, although it will not be necessary to download the final sound file .

It also has an application for Android, although it requires a payment plan to perform most actions. If we opt for the free version of the web, we will have to navigate carefully to avoid clicking on false download buttons or fraudulent virus warnings.

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Simpler than the previous two and much lighter, as it hardly has advertising. The biggest advantage of MP3Hub is that it allows us to select the minutes we want to export. It also allows us to convert YouTube videos to MP4. In any case, we will not be able to select the final quality of the file: neither in MP4 nor in MP3. Neither is the resolution of the image nor the number of kilobytes per second of the audio.

convert youtube to mp3 2020 2

Another of its disadvantages is that the export speed is rather limited compared to other alternatives. To this is added that the page shows a series of conflicts with the browser at the time of download if it has an extension to block advertising . For this reason we will have to disable most of the extensions that we have installed in the application if we want to download files without major problems.

Besides being compatible with YouTube, we can export files from Facebook, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, VK, Dailymotion and many other websites.

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If we are looking for a web page that allows us to download YouTube videos in MP3 format at 320 Kbps (the highest possible quality), SaveMP3 is one of the few platforms that offers us this possibility. It also allows us to convert videos to MP4 and other formats , both video and sound (WebM, M4A ...).

convert youtube to mp3 2020 1

After clicking on the download button, the browser will most likely trigger two pop-up windows that we will have to skip to press the download button again. If we prefer to download the video or sound files in other formats, we can use the Downloads Others Formats button .

In any case the conversion speed is quite fast, especially compared to MP3Hub. From the page they also notify us that we will not be able to download content protected with copyright . Therefore, it is likely that some downloads will not be executed.

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The last option comes from the hand of DLNowSoft, a platform compatible with more than 800 web pages that host video and sound on their servers, as is the case with Soundcloud, VK, Facebook or even MySpace.

youtube to mp3 online

Again, the platform allows us to choose between different sound and video formats. MP3, OGG, MP4, AVI and a long etcetera. Like SaveMP3, the page will block the download of all content protected with copyright , such as songs, covers of songs and video clips of songs and television programs.

Unfortunately, the real-time conversion speed is quite slow , especially if the length of the video exceeds 10 minutes. As with the rest of the pages, we will have to be careful when clicking on Download buttons, as these will trigger a series of pop-up windows with dubious content. All you have to do is close these windows and click the relevant button again.

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