How to visit Area 51 through Google Maps


Just yesterday we told you that a group of people had organized an event to assault Area 51, a famous detachment that is used in the state of Nevada (United States) as a military base and that, due to the intense secrecy about the operations that there are carried out, it has become part of a mysterious legend that links military tests with the UFO phenomenon.

Yesterday Facebook eliminated the event that had been organized on its social network , after they had reached two million registrations. Two million people who, in theory, were willing to storm the base, look for the aliens that theoretically live inside, free them and if necessary, escape with them.

At this point, it is not known what will happen on September 20, which is the expected date of the event. What the hotels near the Nevada base have been able to confirm is that reservations are full, so that there are a good number of citizens willing to fulfill the mission. All despite the open fire warnings launched by the US military.


But you can visit Area 51 without leaving home

It is clear that it will not be the same, but if you feel like it, you can avoid risking your skin to carry out a peaceful and fictitious invasion from the sofa at home. These are the exact coordinates of Area 51: 37 ° 14'52.9 ″ N 115 ° 48'00.6 ″ W and you can use them in Google Maps to get the exact location of the site. And visit it.

Another thing you can do is use this link to go exactly to the point where, according to legend, the aliens are confined. The image may not surprise you, but at least, you will not be jumping any fences, or breaking any law . What you will see is a satellite image of what looks like a deserted base, located on a large expanse of land.

There you can also see many buildings, roads, tracks and even airplanes. You can get as close as you want and check if, by chance, an alien was passing through the terrain at the time the snapshot was taken.