How to download the draft of Income 2014 without digital certificate

Income 2014 01

Did you know that from this week you have the opportunity to download the draft of the 2014 Income? As you read it. The campaign began last Tuesday, April 7 , so since then, you have all your tax data at your disposal to check what information the Tax Agency has about you and complete or modify it in accordance with what is known to you. With the results you will be able to carry out the presentation of the 2014 Income declaration and resolve your pending accounts with the treasury. But how can we get the draft? Luckily, from time to time, the Tax Agency allows us to access this facilitating document through the Internet, so it will not be necessary toYou go to a physical office, with the loss of time that this entails. One of the ways to get the draft is the digital certificate, but the truth is that not everyone has one, nor has the possibility of requesting it. Today we are going to tell you how you can download the draft of Income 2014 without having a digital certificate. You can do the following.

1) To begin, go to the Tax Agency page especially dedicated to the 2014 Income tax return . From here you should click on the Draft button , within the Outstanding Procedures area .

Income 2014 02

2) When you click on this space, a range of three options will open before you through which you can request your draft. We are going to ignore the one corresponding to the digital certificate and we will look at the other two, which are the ones that interest us.

3) The simplest formula is, without a doubt, access through the reference number and / or box . In this case, what you will have to do is request the code through the RENO service , entering three basic data such as  the DNI, the first surname and the data in box 415 of the income statement from last year (2013). Insert your mobile phone and you will shortly receive a message with a reference number. This is the information you need to easily download the draft over the Internet . By obtaining it, you will avoid having to register and install a digital certificate. If you do not have the information for box 415 , seeHow to download the draft of the rent without the information in box 415.

4) But this is not the only possible way to obtain the draft. You should know that there is another option, although it is certainly a bit more work. It is about registering yourself in the Cl @ ve system by entering certain private information and your bank details (it serves to verify that it is really you, in a totally secure way), to receive a code at home that will help you to register and make arrangements online . If you use this method, it will take a little longer to get the draft because the Tax Agency has to manage to send you the code on paper, but you will already be registered and you can use this system to repeat this or do other procedures.