Sennheiser Urbanite XL, in-depth analysis

sennheiser urbanite xl

your expert RecommendThe Sennheiser Urbanite XL are fashionable headphones with their own premium product finish. Its appearance is original and with resistant and durable finishes. They are circu-earphones for urbanites (hence their name), that is, designed to be used outside the home to listen to music from the smartphone. They can also function as hands-free to answer mobile calls, thanks to a control knob with microphone embedded in the cable.

They are comfortable to wear, and the headband allows them to be adjusted correctly. They can work with smartphones, tablets, audio players, MP3 players and laptops; after all, they have the typical 3.5mm stereo mini jack. They are marketed in two versions: one for iOS and the other for Android devices such as those of the Samsung Galaxy family . The user has several colors to choose from and they are foldable for easy transport.

sennheiser urbanite xl


The appearance of these headphones leaves no one indifferent. Its design is very careful and the finishes are typical of high-end products . All materials are chosen for their durability and resistance properties , but also for their aesthetic values. Textile and metallic materials in various color combinations, attractive and original, full of style. The Sennheiser Urbanite XL are quite light, to be circu-headphones; they weigh 260 grams. They are foldable , so they take up little space, with the hinge mechanisms made of stainless steel.

The headband is covered in fabric and finished with a white thread stitching. The color of the headband matches the shells, the hinges and the sliding mechanism. The headband band is wide enough that the unit rests comfortably on the wearer's head. The headband is adjustable and the sliders that are attached to the shells are made of aluminum . The ear cushions are padded and covered with a soft-touch material that is comfortable even during long listening sessions. They are some padslarge size designed to completely cover the listener's ears. The cable is black in all models. In short, the whole is a good construction and the materials used are of high quality.

sennheiser urbanite xl


The Sennheiser Urbanite XL is a closed-type dynamic headphone . They are circumauricular equipped with a cups that cover the ears well. This configuration allows you to isolate the listener from much of the ambient sound. Thus, the user will be able to use them both indoors and outdoors . Stalls can be worn on the street, on board the bus or on the subway to enjoy music anywhere. They offer a sound with enough clarity throughout the frequency range and powerful bass. The truth is that the brand's engineers have tuned them for the enjoyment of modern musical styles.

The frequency response is quite wide, ranging from 16 to 22,000 hertz. They support a sound pressure of 110 dB; the impedance reaches 18 ohms and the total harmonic distortion is less than 0.5% (measured at 1 kHz and 100 dB). The cable can be disconnected and is pinched into the right shell. It is a cable with a length of 1.2 meters that is flat to avoid tangling. The cable is terminated in a stereo minijack (3.5 mm) angled for easy plugging into a pocket-sized mobile device or portable audio player.

These Sennheiser headphones are designed to be combined with mobile devices. That is why they come with a control knob with a microphone embedded in the cable. That remote is small, narrow and flat; almost nothing protrudes from the cable. It has three buttons and a microphone , which is omni-directional . Thus, the user does not have to worry about bringing the remote closer to their mouth, because the microphone will pick up their voice without having to touch it. The microphone works in a frequency range that goes from 100 to 10,000 hertz. With the three buttons on the embedded remote , the user can control the hands-free, to answer calls and hang up, without having to touch the mobile phone. When it comes to playing music from the device, these three buttons are used to stop or activate playback, skip the song forward or backward or to pause it.

sennheiser urbanite xl

Compatibility with mobile devices

The manufacturer markets a special version for Apple iOS devices and another for Samsung Galaxy . The latter also works with smartphones and tablets with Android or Windows Phone from brands such as LG, HTC or Sony , among others. The Sennheiser Urbanite XL version for iOS is available in five colors: Sand, Olive Green, Black, Denim Navy, and a combination of Red and Navy . According to the manufacturer, all the functions offered by the control knob of that version for iOS are fully compatible with the iPhone , iPadand the iPod. For its part, the models suitable for the Galaxy are only available in two colors: navy blue Denim or black .

Those users who want to make sure that the Urbanite XL control knob for hands-free operation and music playback will work with their smartphone or tablet can check it in an online reference guide that the manufacturer maintains on the Internet. . It is in three languages: English, German and French. The first thing is to select the model of the headphones. That compatibility guide can be found on the following website: //

sennheiser urbanite xl


When fully deployed, the Urbanite XL measures 8 inches wide by 9 inches high and 4 inches deep. All Sennheiser Urbanite XL headphone models , whatever the color chosen, come standard with a soft case , which serves to transport them protected once folded.

On the other hand, the company includes two optional accessories in its catalog, which are for sale separately. One of them is the replacement pads for the Urbanite XL , model Sennheiser HZP 43 . It is something that is very useful for the consumer, because that way they could replace them when they are a little worn. The replacement pair of ear pads is distributed at a retail price of 25 euros.

The remote control for Android or Windows Phone devices , reference Sennheiser MDC 03 , is also sold at a price of 25 euros. It is the cable with embedded microphone and control knob that is used for Samsung Galaxy family products and other Windows Phone or Android phones. The same accessory can be used with all headphones in the Urbanite family, not only with the Urbanite XL , but also with the Urbanite and Urbanite XL Wireless .

Data sheet

Sennheiser Urbanite XL
TypeDynamic, closed, circumauricular
Built-in microphoneOmnidirectional
Frequency response16-22,000 Hz (headphones)

100-10,000 Hz (microphone)

Impedance and sound pressure18 ohms / 118 dB
Cable1.2 meters in length; 3.5 mm stereo minijack connector angled
Dimensions and weight200 x 230 x 100 mm

260 gr

Target price230 euros
+ infoSennheiser