Best Features of Samsung Family Hub Connected Fridges

The 5 Key Features of Samsung Family Hub Connected Fridges

Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge of the YearCurrent appliances have little or nothing to do with those of a few years ago. The rise of smart speakers and connected devices has made manufacturers want to have home appliances on the market capable of connecting to the Internet. But some models go even further. This is the case of the Samsung Family Hub, an impressive double-door refrigerator equipped with a huge screen . But you may wonder, why do we want a screen in the refrigerator? Well, the truth is that the one that includes this Samsung model has a multitude of functionalities.

For example, we can see the contents of the refrigerator without having to open it and even from the mobile. We can use it to create a synchronized shopping list or as a bulletin board to post notes and photos for the family. We can even send you videos and music from our phone to use it as a multimedia player. Do you have more smart appliances at home? The Samsung Family Hub will become the center of your connected home . All this with the best Samsung technology to talk about food as well as possible. Do you want to know better this impressive Samsung refrigerator? We are going to analyze its characteristics in depth.

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Samsung Family Hub
Gross capacity640 liters
Net capacity593 liters
No frostYes
Multi FlowYes
Cooling typeTwin Cooling Plus
FeaturesPower Cool

Power Freeze

Design4 shelves

5 shelves on the door

2 drawers of fruits and vegetables

Wine shelf

Energy classificationA ++
Dimensions178 x 91.2 x 71.6 cm
Weight127 kg
Release dateAvailable
Price3,000 euros

Much more than a refrigerator

Key Features of Samsung Family Hub Display Connected Fridges

There is no doubt that the Samsung Family Hub is much more than a refrigerator. Its huge front screen proves it. We know that now even smart speakers have a screen, but why could we use such a large screen in a refrigerator?

Some years ago, some refrigerators were launched that included a screen on the front. But what those models had was an integrated television, thus being able to have a television in the kitchen without using more space in it. However, the Family Hub screen has nothing to do with those models .

The display on this refrigerator has so many functions. For example, one of the main ones is the ability to view the contents of the refrigerator at any time . The Samsung Family Hub has interior cameras that show us what we have inside the fridge without having to open it. But not only that, because that same image can also be seen from the mobile . That is, when we are in the supermarket we can quickly check if we are missing something that we do not have listed in the shopping list.

Key Features of Samsung Family Hub Connected Fridges Features Shopping List Display

And speaking of the shopping list, this is another of the functionalities that we will have available. Directly on the screen we can create a shopping list adding the items with a single touch . But perhaps you think that having the list on the screen does not make much sense if you then have to put it on paper. That is why the application on the screen is automatically synchronized with the mobile , giving the possibility of consulting the list from anywhere.

In addition to the shopping list, the Samsung Family Hub display also features a meal planner . From the screen we can add the weekly menus for the family, being able to make shopping lists based on these menus. You can even configure the refrigerator to send a notification when the expiration date of the food we have purchased is approaching. To do this, of course, we will have to enter it manually on the screen.

A whole digital bulletin board on the fridge

Leaving aside the functions that we could consider basic for maintaining food, the Family Hub screen also offers us other types of uses.

the key features of Samsung Family Hub connected fridges family functions display

For example, we can communicate with our family in a fun way using the refrigerator screen. It offers us the possibility to write notes and leave them on the screen as if we were in front of a bulletin board or a blackboard, but totally digital. We can also draw pictures or create lists of things . We can even add photos . A whole digital "cork" in our kitchen.

Along the same lines, we can share and view the agendas of all family members at a glance. The appointments we have can be updated from the refrigerator itself, but also from our smartphone. A very effective way to ensure that no one in the family misses an important date.

And with such a large screen in the kitchen, it would be a shame not to be able to use it to play multimedia content, right? For this reason, the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has the Smart View function . This will allow us to reproduce the content of our Smart TV or smartphone on the refrigerator screen . Thus, we can enjoy the content of our mobile phone or our favorite television programs while we cook.

the key features of Samsung Family Hub connected fridges videos

And not just video, because the Samsung Family Hub is also capable of playing music . We can listen to our favorite playlists, songs and artists without interruptions using Spotify and Amazon Music . Or we can play radio stations from around the world, news, podcasts and comedy shows at any time thanks to TuneIn .

On the other hand, the Samsung Family Hub allows you to configure a morning summary that includes information about the weather, reminders, the agenda for that day and even the most relevant news. So, when we go into the kitchen to prepare breakfast we can launch the summary and, at a glance, check everything we have for that day.

Do you find few features? Well, we have not yet commented on two very interesting ones. First, through the SmartThings system , which is integrated, we can control the rest of the connected appliances through the Family Hub screen. For this we will use the SmartThings application, also available on mobile phones and tablets.

the key features of Samsung Family Hub connected fridges called

Second, the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is capable of making or receiving calls while we cook without having to have the phone handy. The refrigerator connects with our mobile via Bluetooth to manage incoming and outgoing calls.

The best Samsung technology also to talk about food

Although the smart functions are very attractive, a refrigerator should do its main function very well. This is none other than preserving our food as well as possible. And for this the Samsung Family Hub is equipped with the latest technology from the Korean manufacturer.

For example, thanks to Space Max technology we have more interior space while maintaining the same exterior size. Samsung has managed to reduce the thickness of the walls by maximizing the interior capacity (100 liters more than conventional models). Thus, the Family Hub has a net capacity of 383 liters for the refrigerator and 210 liters for the freezer . That is, we have nothing less than 593 net liters in total.

the key features of Samsung Family Hub Twin Cooling Plus connected refrigerators

On the other hand, the Samsung Family Hub is equipped with Twin Cooling Plus technology . This makes food keep its moisture and freshness for longer. It has a double refrigeration circuit that prevents odors from mixing between compartments and maintains an optimal humidity level (between 65% and 70%).

In addition, it has the Metal Cooling system . This consists of a metallic coating inside the refrigerator that reduces the dispersion of cold. This helps to preserve and restore the original temperature regardless of how many times we open and close the door.

Key Features of Samsung Family Hub Connected Refrigerators Capacity

Another system included is Precise Chef Cooling, a system that preserves the freshness, flavor and texture of food for longer . Each compartment has independent evaporators that achieve uniform cooling in all areas. Additionally, advanced insulation reduces fluctuations, preventing outside temperatures from affecting cooling. And finally, Digital Inverter technology monitors and controls temperature with total precision.

Price and availability

Throughout the article it has become clear that the Samsung Family Hub is not a refrigerator like any other . We are facing a device that mixes the food preservation function with a wide variety of intelligent functions, all of them controlled from a huge screen located on the front.

the key features of Samsung Family Hub connected fridges price

From this screen we can create shopping lists to control the rest of smart devices compatible with Samsung SmartThings. Its functions include options such as creating shopping lists, planning meals, posting messages and photos, reviewing the family calendar and even sending video and audio content from your mobile or tablet. But without a doubt one of our favorite functions is to see the internal contents of the refrigerator from the mobile.

On the other hand, if we opt for the Samsung Family Hub we will make sure that we are buying the latest technology in terms of food preservation . Systems such as Twin Cooling Plus, Metal Cooling or Precise Chef Cooling preserve the cold and freshness of food in a much more efficient way.

We also have all this in a more minimalist and elegant design. The Samsung Family Hub has flat doors and an integrated handle, in addition to taking up less space than Side by Side models usually do.

With all that has been mentioned, it is logical to think that we are not facing a refrigerator suitable for all pockets. We can already get the Samsung Family Hub in specialized stores with an official price of 3,000 euros . It is certainly a high price, but we must bear in mind that we are taking a refrigerator that we could almost say has an integrated smartphone.