This is the Samsung Smart School project to bring technology to the classroom

This is the Samsung Smart School project to bring technology to classrooms 1

Technology is part of our lives. And the little ones grow up with it as something natural. Like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but it has become a reality without which we could not explain today's world. This tool must become the key to channel and improve the education of the little ones. To do this, Samsung has been researching for five years the best way to introduce technology into the classroom to increase the skills of students.

Through its Samsung Smart School project , it has invested close to six million euros during the last five years. This project already involves more than 600 teachers from 34 educational centers throughout Spain. Precisely, the Korean company has sought to be present in all communities, with centers as far away as Melilla, the Canary Islands, Madrid, the Balearic Islands or Asturias. In total, it is estimated that 400 students from 38 classrooms have benefited from this project.

The study presented by the brand has focused on 662 students between the ages of 10 and 12 and on three competencies: linguistic communication, learning to learn and digital competence. The results have been positive, since it is clear that 13% has improved in linguistic competence, 14% in learning to learn and 24% in digital competence.

celestino-garcia corporate vice president-samsung

To carry out the Samsung Smart School project, it has been key to transform the classroom space. Both through the inclusion of technological gadgets for the classes and a more flexible design of education in which the little one is encouraged to investigate on their own. This has resulted in more powerful results when searching and selecting information on the Internet, as well as understanding the risks of this world.

In the words of Celestino García, corporate vice president of Samsung, “ Technology is essential to transform society . That is why we make this report available to the entire educational community, which has demonstrated the positive impact of the use of technology on student performance ”.