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Beware of the number 912048501: it is a spam call

Have you recently received a call from 912048501? In recent months there have not been precisely few users who have reported receiving calls from this and other similar numbers. The prefix 912 tells us that the call comes from the Community of Madrid. Is it really a private individual? Do you belong to a public body?

Más de 300 fondos de pantalla HD gratis para móvil

Muchos de nosotros lo primero que hacemos cuando compramos un móvil es personalizarlo. Para ello, sobre todo los móviles Android, ofrecen una gran cantidad de opciones. Podemos cambiar por completo el tema (iconos, colores, etc), o bien simplemente modificar el fondo de pantalla. En Internet podemos encontrar miles de fondos de pantalla, de prácticamente cualquier temática que nos podamos imaginar. Ade

¿La llamada a 900 es gratis? Precio por minuto del prefijo 900

A pesar de que el prefijo 900 tiene ya unos años, a día de hoy “900 es gratis”, “telf 900 es gratis” o “tlf 900 es gratis” siguen siendo búsquedas muy solicitadas en Google por los distintos usuarios. La razón de ello se debe a que el prefijo en cuestión convive con otros prefijos similares como el 901, 902 o el 905. A principios de

Complete list with all the national prefix numbers of Spain

The prefixes of Spain depend on both the provinces and the Autonomous Communities. Currently there are as many prefixes as there are provinces Spain has. And is that with the exception of Murcia, Ceuta and Melilla, the rest of the provinces have a unique prefix whose use is limited to the province where the prefix in question operates.

What happened to Zetta, the Extremaduran company that sold modified Xiaomi phones

Image taken from El Androide Libre.October 2016, Forocoches publicly denounces the practices of Zetta, a company of Extremadura origin that claimed to be the creator of the “Extremadura iPhone”. Xiaomi phones are hidden behind them that are supposedly modified by the only three employees of the company, modifications that in most cases are limited to hiding the logos of the Chinese firm by means of stickers. Fou

The best voice assistants for Android

The great evolution of artificial intelligence in recent years has led to the appearance of virtual assistants to facilitate our daily tasks. Siri and Google Assistant are the most popular virtual assistants, but not the only ones. In this article we present the 10 best virtual assistants that you can use in the Android operating system.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017, price and features

Samsung has officially announced the three components of the new Galaxy J range for 2017. Of all, the Samsung Galaxy J2017 is the largest, most powerful and complete . It also has a very good value for money with its 340 euros. 3 GB of RAM, a fingerprint reader and a 13 megapixel front camera are some of its most interesting features.

ANT +, what is it and what is it for

The connection is a key point in any smartphone . From the most advanced to the most basic, all of them need these systems to be able to perform tasks such as connecting to the Internet, making a call, sending a photo to a friend or using navigation services. Logically, the simplest mobiles only have the basic systems, while the high-end ones usually have a long list of connections, especially wireless.

LG K50S, features, price and opinions

No more than a year has passed since the launch of the K50 and K40 and today the South Korean company presents the LG K5Ss and K40S. The new mid-range models arrive as successors to the models presented during this year's Mobile World Congress, with characteristics that are mostly identical to those of the K40 and K50.

Screen overlay on Android, what is it and how to fix it

You are just minutes away from finding a solution to the screen overlay error that many Android users have to deal with. You will see what basic fixes you can try, as well as what could be causing this annoying problem on your device with the Google operating system.Possible causes of screen overlay on AndroidWith Android Marshmallow a curious problem appeared that is sometimes displayed, but its cause is difficult to decipher.

LG K40S, features, price and opinions

LG has just unveiled the LG K50S and LG K40S, two new devices that come to improve the LG K40 and LG K50 that we met last February at MWC. Of the two, the K40S is the one that offers tighter performance. It is an entry phone, built in polycarbonate, which includes an eight-core processor, double main camera, a 3,500 mAh battery or Android 9 Pie.

Octilus launches new collections of BECOOL mobile cases

Sometimes finding original phone cases is really difficult. Although there are many stores that have this type of accessories, most follow very similar patterns. But there are many users who are not satisfied with this type of covers, they want something that identifies them. An original, eye-catching, inspiring cover.

Xiaomi customer service: phone number, contact and support email

Xiaomi has become one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers on the market . They offer Android devices, developed in China, and for much more affordable prices. In recent times, the firm has also opened countless stores in the main cities of the country.So much so that most shopping centers have a Mi Store - that's what Xiaomi stores are called - where they sell, in addition to mobiles, other technological products from their catalog, such as scooters, headphones, security cameras.

How to download and save YouTube videos on an Android mobile

YouTube is the largest video platform on the Internet. In fact, ten years after its launch it is the third most visited site in the world, right after Google and Facebook . And although it is a great tool for everyone, it has a drawback in which you've already set: it is impossible to download videos to enjoy them when you are offline.

Solutions if the incoming call does not appear on your mobile

Today's smartphones are used to perform a multitude of tasks every day, such as surfing the Internet, chatting, taking photos and other things. Ironically, they are hardly used to call these days. There are times when the screen doesn't even turn on when an incoming call comes in, something that is really a problem when you get that unexpected call.

This is what it costs to repair the screen of the Huawei P Smart 2019

Huawei's P Smart 2019 launched by the brand over the past year has become a bestseller. Being a mid-range, the price of the device is much lower than the rest of the phones in the Huawei catalog. The repair price is directly proportional to the total value of the device, something that carries over to almost every component of the phone, including the screen.

Why does my mobile battery drain so fast?

A fairly common problem nowadays is that the battery of our smartphone does not last all day, which forces us to go through the charger before finishing the day. Gone is the time when we had to charge the mobile once a week, or even every two weeks. In this article we explain the main reasons that make your mobile battery drain very quickly , and how you can try to improve its duration.

Huawei Y5 2018, characteristics and price of this new entry range

After launching the first mobile phone with a triple camera on the market, the Huawei P20 Pro, the Chinese brand does not want to neglect the input range, those terminals that barely exceed 100 euros and are intended for users who only want their mobile phone for what Basic, that is, check emails and social networks sporadically, take the odd photograph and, of course, make calls clearly and clearly.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017, analysis, price and opinions

We start the new year with a highly anticipated release. They have been talked about ad nauseam, but the truth is that until now they had not been made official . They are the new members of Samsung's A series , today made up of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 .

Samsung Galaxy A60: features, price and opinions

Samsung introduces a new member of the Galaxy A family, the A60. This terminal comes with a camera directly on the screen, triple main lens and with up to 6 GB of RAM . The Galaxy A60 would close the catalog of this year's A range, which also includes devices from the Galaxy J family. Below, all the information, specifications and price.

Play Store won't open, what can I do

Google Play Store is a magnificent tool that centralizes in one place the entire list of applications that are available for the Android operating system. This means that we will not have the need to resort to any other tool to install an app on our phone. In this article we explain how to fix the main errors that cause the Google Play Store to be gone.

Samsung Galaxy A20: features, price and opinion

The Galaxy A series continues to grow, Samsung has just introduced a new mid-range model, the Galaxy A20. It is a device with a double camera, a screen with a notch and a good autonomy. All this with a very interesting price. We review the main features and the best of this device that is already arriving in Europe.

How to watch TV with your mobile using Kodi

Kodi is a multimedia content player application that has become tremendously popular in recent years. This is due to several reasons, the most important being that it is available for a large number of devices, and that it allows us to enjoy a lot of functions completely free of charge. In this article you will learn how you can use Kodi to watch TV channels with your smartphone.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S4 to Android 5.0.2 Unofficial Lollipop

We already know that the Korean company Samsung plans to update the vast majority of its most cutting-edge equipment to Android 5.0 Lollipop , the latest version of Google's operating system that is already coming to its current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5 . We still do not have accurate data on the arrival of the rest of the updates, but the truth is that everything indicates that the Korean is working fully on the launch of this data package for its main phones.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017, price and features

The new generation of quintessential mid-ranges have already been officially announced. The Galaxy J5 is one of the brand's best-selling devices, and it already knows its third version with this Galaxy J5 2017. It is the most expensive terminal of the three, with a price of 280 euros, but it is true that it represents a jump of important quality compared to the previous two generations , in camera, design and connections.

How wireless charging works on the Samsung Galaxy S7

One of the best accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone or for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is, without a doubt, the Samsung Wireless Charger : the wireless charging platform that helps you keep your workspace a little more clear and "" from step ”“ offers you a faster loading of the terminals.We e

Status of the update to Android 9 Pie of Samsung mobiles in 2019

Despite being launched a year ago today, the truth is that Android 9 Pie has not yet exceeded even 15% installation on mobiles with Android as the main operating system. Little by little, companies begin to launch the Android 9.0 update for their respective mobiles, and Samsung is one of the manufacturers that currently covers the largest number of terminals.

LG K40, user experience after 10 days

There are many options in the mid-range, mobiles that do not exceed 500 euros with powerful features, lots of RAM and a large screen, but ... what options do we have in the entry range? For many, spending less than 200 euros on a mobile is an interesting option if what you are looking for is a little intensive use with the terminal.

Samsung Galaxy J6 +: price, features and opinions

The release of the new Samsung Galaxy J6 + and J4 + in Spain is finally made official . After several weeks of leaks and rumors about the two devices of the South Korean brand, Samsung makes it official through a press release to the main media. Both models arrive in Spain, and they do so with a series of characteristics oriented to the mid / low range.

How to find uninstalled apps and reinstall them on Android

How many times has it happened to you? You download an application and soon you realize that you don't need it. Not for the moment. But what happens when you later want to recover and install it again, but don't remember what it was called? Don't worry, the Google company makes it quite easy for us. And it is that from the Play Store itself - the application store for Android phones - you have the opportunity to access a complete list of all the apps and games that you have installed and uninstalled in the history of your device, as long as you have used the same Google account to make your purc

What is a double rear or front camera for on the mobile

Dual main camera of the LG G6There is a feature that is very popular on practically all devices. No, we are not talking about the panoramic screen, but about the double camera, which is now present even on the front. There are many firms that have opted for high-end mobiles with two main cameras for photographs, some sooner than others, but almost all the traditional ones already have their devices with two cameras.

How to update the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the official version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat

A few days ago we were talking to you about the possibility that the update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat would come to the Samsung Galaxy S3 , a smartphone that has long been the flagship of the Samsung catalog , but is not part of the latest batch of devices released by the Korean. In fact, the arrival of this data package has been questioned on many occasions, but the truth is that today some users of this device have begun to receive the corresponding data package, which indicates that the deployment could begin soon in all markets.

5 tricks to take advantage of the iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is the latest terminal from the apple company, which, although it maintains the design, improves substantially internally. The big news is the double camera , but the new Apple flagship also incorporates a new processor , an improved screen , stereo speakers and water resistance . Accompanying the new iPhone 7 also came, as usual, the new version of iOS , Apple's mobile operating system .

5 apps to inform you about the status of a flight

Are you planning to go on vacation shortly or are you just closing your bags to leave? If you are going to catch a plane, it never hurts to have everything prepared. And it is that with the delays, strikes and all the setbacks that usually occur, there is nothing better than being aware of everything from your mobile.

This is what it costs to repair the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A50

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has been the best-selling mobile in Spain during the past year. Part of its success is due to its low price and the features it offers for just over $ 200. This directly influences the sale price of its components: repairing the Galaxy A50 is much cheaper than other high-end mobiles of the company, such as the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy A70.

Why does a star appear in the Android 5.0 Lollipop notifications section

It is still too early to have a complete experience on board Android 5.0 Lollipop and talk about it knowing each and every one of the corners of this platform. Not surprisingly, there are still few users who already have this version of Google's operating system on their devices. As you may remember, the only ones that have been updated for now are the Nexus terminals and tablets , some Motorola models , the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 , the current flagship of the Korean firm Samsung .

Comparison iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S

Yesterday Apple presented the iPhone 4S , a reissue of the iPhone 4 with new technical characteristics but that maintains the same design. The discontent caused among users who expected something more innovative was noted quickly, the expectations in this presentation were very high and what we expected to see was a terminal with a dramatic redesign and performance much higher.

How to activate the hidden game in Android Nougat

We are going to tell you how to activate the hidden game in Android Nougat . If you are one of the lucky owners of a terminal with version 7 of Android, you will be able to enjoy a unique Easter egg, a game different from any of those that Google's operating system was already used to.Android is an open system that always winks at users and developers, placing substantial hidden Easter eggs among its settings as of Gingerbread 2.

LG K10 2018, features, price and opinions

LG will not present its flagship during the Mobile World Congress. Instead, it could launch an LG V30 with better features, as well as an Artificial Intelligence chip. But the Korean firm will not only bring us a renewal of its flagship, they have officially announced two new mid-range devices with very interesting features.

How to solve the humidity problem in the mobile charger port

It is an advantage that we have added to our mobile devices for a while. Most smartphones, no matter if they are high-end or not, are waterproof . This does not mean that we can handle them habitually in immersion. The certifications or protections that the devices have help us to withstand rain drops or an accidental fall into fresh water.

What is Bluetooth and what is it for

Bluetooth is a wireless technology designed to connect devices that are at a short distance. In 2000 it appeared on the first mobile phones and wireless hands-free headsets. Currently, we can find it in smartphones, tablets, mobiles, laptops, mice, keyboards, printers, digital cameras, headphones, televisions, multichannel receivers, car audio or video game consoles , among other products.

The five keys of the Huawei Nova 5T

The Huawei Nova 5T is Huawei's answer to this year's budget upper-middle range. The terminal, initially presented in China, comes with a series of characteristics very similar to those of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro; features that go beyond the processor or memory configuration. And is that much of the strength of Huawei's Nova 5T comes from the hand of the cameras , made up of no less than four independent sensors, which, as a whole, provide the device with the same versatility as the brand P30 Pro.

How to factory reset or reboot the ZTE Blade A452

The  ZTE Blade A452  is the new addition to the ZTE family in the form of an affordable and durable mid-range mobile. And as with all mobile phones that you are going to use for a long time, it may be time to want to  reset your device to the factory , that is, make the terminal recover the configuration it had when it was unpacked for the first time.

Huawei P8 Lite 2017, analysis, price and opinions

A few weeks ago we could see that it was making its appearance by some German media, and today the official launch of the Huawei P8 Lite 2017 in Spain is confirmed . The company has wanted to renew one of its best-selling terminals in our country, the Huawei P8 Lite , giving it a facelift and updating its hardware.

7 essential websites if you want to buy a reconditioned mobile

For a mobile to have the 'reconditioned' seal, it must meet certain standards. Before getting into the matter, the important thing. When we acquire a 'reconditioned' terminal we are talking about a second-hand one . They can be returned phones without having a single fault but that the store cannot sell as new; or that they have had a small damage, after which they are repaired and put on sale again.

Do I need to install an antivirus on my Android mobile?

You may have been alarmed in recent years by the large number of viruses that threaten Android users. It is true that according to the latest data, specifically from Kantar, Google's mobile operating system is present in 90% of mobile phones that work in Spain .This inevitably means that the majority of threats from hackers and cybercriminals target this mass of users.

Samsung Galaxy A70, features, price and opinions

Unexpectedly and without prior notice, Samsung has launched a new mid-range phone this morning. We refer to the Samsung Galaxy A70 , a terminal that completes the series of Galaxy A smartphones that until now consisted of the Galaxy A10, the Galaxy A20, the Galaxy A30 and the Galaxy A50. It does so with a set of features superior to those of the terminals just mentioned.

LG K8 2018, features and opinions

LG has officially announced the LG K8 2018 days before the Mobile World Congress. The device follows the design line of its predecessor and has a 5-inch LCD screen. Inside we find a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. The new smartphone also comes governed by Android 7 and equips a 2,500 mAh battery.

Comparison Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4

One more year, Samsung is back in the spotlight for the launch of its new Samsung Galaxy S5 . The representative of a series of smartphones whose popularity is only comparable to Apple's iPhone . The new Galaxy has arrived almost by surprise, within the whirlwind of launches that the MWC has represented , instead of in a separate event of the company as it happened with the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4 .

Samsung Galaxy J6, price and main features

We can already buy in the official store the new entry range of the Korean brand Samsung, the new Samsung Galaxy J6. It represents a renewal of its most economical line, modernizing it to the most current design standards through the incorporation of the infinity screen . Next, we leave you with its specifications table and later we will go into more detail about what the renewal of Samsung's mid-range offers, the new Samsung Galaxy J6.

How to put the largest letter on your mobile

Our mobiles are not always as accessible as we would like. In fact, if you have any kind of visual impairment, it may be difficult for you to read messages, write them or even identify missed calls at a glance . It is important, in this sense, to be able to have a phone that includes options to configure the font size.

5 smartphones with a 6-inch screen that are on the market or soon to be

At first we called them phablets , because they had a screen that was too big to be considered smartphones and too small to fall into the tablet category . Today they are our daily bread. And is that practically all mobile devices that hit the market today have a panel of at least 5 inches . In fact, there is no manufacturer that has coined the term phablet to define their equipment.

Huawei customer service: phone number, contact and support email

In recent weeks, Huawei has been at the center of the controversy over Google's veto in the United States, which will affect Huawei device owners around the world. In any case, the Chinese company has promised to continue manufacturing and selling its phones, creating its own operating system.Users with a recently purchased Huawei phone can still count on the support of Google, which will continue to provide updates and enhancements for the time that is usually mandatory.

Can I record people on the street with my mobile? This is what the law says

With the recent arrival of the European Data Protection Law in Spain and the rest of the countries belonging to the European Union, there are many who prefer to stay on the sidelines when making use of private data. Our own image is a private data, and as personal information that it is, the current law contemplates a series of considerations that have to do with the capture of photographs and images in public spaces (a street, a park, the terrace of a bar…) with a mobile phone or recording equipment.Th

Samsung Galaxy A2 Core: features, price and opinions

The entry range reaches the Galaxy A family with the A2 Core , an inexpensive terminal that comes with Android Go, the special edition of Google's operating system. Samsung's Galaxy A2 Core has a 5-inch screen, 1GB of RAM and a 5-megapixel camera. We tell you all the features of this new mobile.The Samsung Galaxy A2 Core has a basic design, with a polycarbonate rear, where we find a main camera accompanied by an LED flash, company logo and a main speaker.

Alcatel Onetouch Go Watch

The Alcatel company has surprised at the IFA event in Berlin for consumer electronics with a new smart watch. A curious device that draws attention both in form and content, although moving away from the functionalities of other watches on the market. Firstly, because it does not have the Android Wear operating system , and secondly, because it has a limited number of functionalities .

Huawei Y7, features, price and opinions

You want to buy a new mobile, but you have no intention of spending a fortune on it. Well then maybe you should take a look at the new device that Huawei has just launched in our country. It is the Huawei Y7, an entry-level smartphone that is ideal for those who are looking for a simple smartphone, but who do not want to give up the correct features.

The 10 most interesting keys of the Huawei Y7 2018

It's an inexpensive phone, but it has some high-end features. The Huawei Y7 2018, like its companion, the Huawei Y6 2018, is equipped with a facial recognition system . Useful for users to unblock and carry out certain procedures using their face as a password.This on a mobile that costs 200 euros. And that despite that, it has other great features that are worth mentioning.

How to sync your game progress between Android phones

Android is an operating system that is becoming more and more competitive in the video game sector. This has made mobiles the preferred device for many gamers. Today we explain step by step how you can transfer the progress of your video games to another Android device , to follow the game in the same place where you left off thanks to Google Cloud Saves.

Hours, address and telephone number of the Huawei store in Barcelona

Huawei continues with the expansion of its physical stores. The company has opened the third 'Huawei Space' in Spain, a store in the center of Barcelona with two floors and more than 700 square meters. It is the company's second largest store in Spain, out of a total of 3. Also the second largest in the world (except for the stores in China), just after the Huawei Space on Gran Vía, in Madrid.

Alcatel 1S 2020, features, price and opinions

Nowadays, (almost) everyone wants a mobile that takes excellent photos of us . On the beach, in the street and anywhere, any excuse is good to take out your smartphone and blast photos of the group of friends, the plate of food or the cat that looks out from the balcony of a terrace. The 2020 generation hits hard and everything indicates that the cameras are going to be the protagonists for another year, also in the entry models .

WiFi Analyzer, improve your home network signal with your mobile

How many times have you glared at your router because of a bad signal? To this day, no operator assures you the speed of your WiFi connection , but luckily, there are applications that will help us to have the maximum available.And it is that today, with so many wireless networks, WiFi networks overlap with each other , which means that the signal reception is not very good.

List of MVNOs that you can hire in Spain in 2020

OMVs have come to Spain to stay. Also known as MVNOs or Virtual Mobile Operators , this type of company is characterized by offering its services over the Internet, that is, they do not have a physical support (stores, points of sale and contracting ...) like conventional companies. Another characteristic of this type of operator is that its price is usually much cheaper than that of traditional options.

Get the Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpapers on your smartphone

Manufacturers often renew the image of the system with the launch of new smartphones, either with changes to the interface or with new wallpapers. Samsung tends to bet on these types of changes and its latest launch, the Samsung Galaxy S5 , was not going to be less. The company has made quite a few changes to the device, both hardware and software, but also aesthetically.

Alcatel A3 XL, analysis, price and opinions

Users looking for a terminal with a really large screen are currently difficult. There are few models available, and most belong to the high-end Android range , so their price is within the reach of very few. However, Alcatel has wanted to give these users a cable with the new Alcatel A3 XL , a smartphone with a 6-inch screen , basic technical characteristics and a price that, although it has not been revealed, should be quite affordable.

The LG G2, G3 and G4 will be updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow instead of Android 5.1.1

If the latest rumors are true, it seems that LG has big plans for its LG G2, G3 and G4. Everything indicates that the company would skip the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update so that they can update directly to Android 6.0 Marshnallow, which will begin to be available next week for some Nexus devices . This can be great news if you don't take too long, but the truth is that the South Korean has not been very quick when it comes to releasing new updates for her devices.

Comparison Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

By the time the Samsung Galaxy S8 becomes a reality, it's time to make a comparison with its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Why with the Edge model and not the standard? Mainly because the new Galaxy S8 is already equivalent to an Edge , with the curved screen. In addition, they are more similar in size, and the Edge is more powerful.

Huawei P Smart + 2019, features, price and opinions

It was in December when Huawei presented the P Smart 2019 to the market. The terminal came to renew the mid-range presented by the same company two years ago today. Four months later, the Plus model of the Smart series arrives. As it could not be otherwise, we refer to the Huawei P Smart + 2019 , a phone that renews part of the specifications of last year's P Smart + (in this article you can see our analysis) and introduces a series of characteristics more typical of the range higher than mid-range.

Sony Xperia L3, features and price

Although they have not officially presented it within the framework of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Sony also bets on the low-end or entry range among its terminals. A cheaper option to have the technology of the Japanese brand, as well as its design and its philosophy when creating terminals. Its

Samsung Galaxy J4 +; price, features and opinions

The Samsung Galaxy J4 + has officially reached the Spanish market. If we had already told you about this terminal on previous occasions, now we will tell you in depth all its details. The arrival of both this terminal and the Samsung Galaxy J6 + is good news for users. This is so because they are terminals that are focused on the entry range, that is to say, some contained but sufficient specifications with an attractive price for the user.

Huawei P20 Lite 2019, features, price and opinions

We can already see the new Huawei P20 Lite 2019 closely, a terminal that stands out, above all, for the front hole of the screen that houses the selfie camera and that allows it to have a very good screen ratio and its quadruple main photographic sensor. These are all the characteristics of the new mid-range of the Chinese brand that will go on sale at a price not exceeding 280 euros although it is yet to be confirmed.

Five things you need to know about the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update

They have dubbed it Android 4.4.4 KitKat and it is the latest version that users can install on their computers before the arrival of Android L , the most current edition of Google's icons operating system . We have already told you on other occasions that we are facing a small update , whose package of improvements has little to do with the long list of changes that Mountain View incorporated to Android 4.

The 5 key features of the Alcatel 5V

A good mobile at a good price. A formula that seems simple but is not so easy to bring to life. Something that the Alcatel 5V does, Alcatel's most powerful smartphone so far in 2018 . A team that joins the fashion of infinite screens (in fact, Alcatel is the first company that has brought this screen format to all its models) and that allows us to enjoy multimedia content on a large 6.

The 8 most interesting features of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

In September 2018 Xiaomi launched the 'reduced' version of its high-end Xiaomi Mi 8. And we quote 'reduced' because you are not going to believe that this terminal is smaller than its predecessor. On the contrary, the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is even larger, reaching 6.26 inches on a Full HD panel. But we are not going to advance events.

Penalty for permanence: how much do operators charge to unsubscribe you?

Talking about fiber and mobile rates with permanence can evoke us to times gone by when most operators offered discounted mobiles and a tedious 24-month minimum contract. Unfortunately, a large part of the telephone companies continues to opt for this type of contract despite including abusive clauses that oblige the customer to maintain the line for a period part of the year.

The Huawei Y6 2019 now at a spectacular price on Amazon

Do you want an inexpensive , current entry-level phone that, above all, has very good opinions and an additional discount? Well, sign up for this Amazon offer in which you can get the Huawei Y6 2019 for a price of 110 euros. Its usual price is 140 euros, so you will be saving a total of 30 euros. If you have Amazon Prime, you will also have it at home in 24 hours and without additional shipping costs.

Neffos X9, features, price and opinions

Lovers of the mid-range are in luck, as a new terminal comes to offer a new option in its catalog. Starting in September, we will be able to acquire this new Neffos X9, a model from the brand specialized in TP-Link routers, a phone with an infinite screen and dual camera with quite interesting features, which we will now discuss.

The 10 funniest Siri responses on the iPhone

Siri, the iPhone assistant, is quite a celebrity. Although it is no longer the only artificial intelligence in the mobile market, it is the most famous of all. Why? Among other things because its developers decided to include a sense of humor in their answers .This led many users to find a hobby in asking Siri questions of all kinds.

Why can't I see the last connection on WhatsApp

Hey, why are you wearing this face? Something bad happened to you, right? Ah ok, you can't see the last connection on WhatsApp of your boyfriend, your worst friend or your worst friend's cousin. It is understood. If you can't sleep tonight thinking about the reason for this first world problem, maybe you should take a look at the reasons why you are probably not seeing the time of someone's last connection on WhatsApp .

LG Stylo 5, features, price and opinions

LG once again sets itself apart from its rivals by including a stylus in a mobile entry. This is precisely one of the hallmarks of the new LG Stylo 5, a model very similar to last year's LG Stylus 4+, in which we hardly see any obvious changes. The new terminal retains the design of traditional mobiles, with pronounced frames and a back that does not lack a fingerprint reader.

What is a virtual number and what do I need it for?

When we decide to undertake a project, be it a small company or a startup, we will surely find ourselves in need of limiting our work and personal life. Not only that, but we will also want to maintain solid and trustworthy lines of communication .Among the wide range of available options, a virtual telephone gives us the possibility to take advantage of the traditional functions of the telephone of a lifetime , and at the same time take advantage of the benefits of the digital environment.