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How to fix api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing error in Windows 10

One of the most common errors, along with the MSVCR110.dll, XINPUT1_3.dll, MSVCR100.dll, MSVCP140.dll, and VCRUNTIME140.dll errors is the api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0 error. .dll . The error in question usually appears in the form of a window when executing a certain program with the message “The program cannot be started because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dl

5 pages to download free Spanish subtitles in 2019

Are you looking for the best subtitles in Spanish for your movies? The wait is over, we present you the 5 best websites where you can find the best subtitles in the Cervantes language for all your favorite movies and series. Are you ready? We is an international website that collects a large number of subtitles in languages ​​as common as English, French, Portuguese and of course Spanish. Its

How to fix aTube Catcher 403, 204, 404 and 416 error

For some time now, the aTube Catcher program to download videos and music from YouTube has been causing a series of problems. Most of these are related to the 403, 204, 404, and 416 error . All these codes are used by the program in question to give us clues of its origin. Fortunately, the solution is usually the same in all cases regardless of our error.

How to fix MSVCP140.dll file missing error in Windows 10

The error related to the MSVCP140.dll file is, together with the Windows startup error 0x00000e9, one of the most common errors in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. The error in question appears when a certain program is started, and the The error message reads something like “The program cannot start because msvcp140.dl

Cómo hacer un índice automático en Word

Los índices son fundamentales para que nuestros trabajos luzcan lo mejor posible. Sabemos que la creación manual de un índice de contenidos para nuestros trabajos, puede ser algo bastante engorroso. Por ello os traemos este artículo, en el que explicamos todos los pasos necesarios, para crear un índice automático en el procesador de textos Microsoft Word.Micros

CHKDSK: guía completa de comandos y parámetros para reparar discos en Windows

CHKDSK, más comúnmente conocido como Check Disk, se trata de una herramienta propiedad de Microsoft que nos permite, entre otras cosas, analizar el estado de los discos duros y las unidades de almacenamiento externas conectadas al equipo para buscar errores y repararlos posteriormente. La herramienta en cuestión es accesible desde la máquina de comandos (CMD) de Windows 10, 8 ó 7, y para hacer uso de la misma tendremos que abrir la CMD con privilegios de administrador.Hace

How to fix Windows 10 error 0xc0000142

Windows 10 error 0xc0000142 is, along with Bad System Config Info error, one of the most common in Microsoft's system. The problem is a question usually occurs when opening a certain application with the message "The application could not start correctly 0xc0000142". Applications and programs such as Fortnite or Word (Microsoft Office) are the most problematic in this regard.

How to remove the virus from the shortcut of your pendrive

The shortcut virus is usually the most common malware infection in computers based on the Windows operating system in its different versions. It is a virus that has been around for many years, and that can be very annoying, since if it infects one of our USB memory drives, we can have serious problems accessing the data.

How to fix XINPUT1_3.dll is missing error in Windows 10

The XINPUT1_3.dll is missing error adds to the list of errors related to Windows 10 DLL files such as the MSVCR100.dll error, the D3DX9_43.dll error or the MSVCP120.dll error. Most of these errors are usually due to the system not being able to find the DLL library that the message refers to, a message that reads “The program cannot start because xinput1_3.dl

How to fix VCRUNTIME140.dll file missing error in Windows 10

Along with the error related to the file MSVCP140.dll, the error VCRUNTIME140.dll file is missing is one of the most common problems in Windows 10. The error in question appears with a message similar to “The program cannot start because vcruntime140 is missing .dll on your computer. Try reinstalling the program to correct this problem ”or“ The program can't start because vcruntime140.dll is

How to know if my Hotmail and Outlook account have been stolen

Outlook, popularly known as Hotmail by its former name, is one of the most widely used email services in the world along with Gmail. Precisely for this reason, it is one of the most recurrent targets for hackers and hackers in general, although Microsoft has integrated a series of barriers to improve the security of the service.

8 solutions if my PC does not recognize my mobile

Imagine the scene. We arrived home after a long journey and we are eager to pass all the photos and videos that we have taken in the last days. In principle, we think that there should be no problem. We just have to put the USB cable in its corresponding port and wait for our computer to automatically recognize the device.

9 ways to download any video on the Internet

You are browsing the internet and suddenly you find an interesting video that you want to download to save it on your computer and be able to watch it whenever you want. The problem begins when the platform where the video is hosted does not give you any option to download it. In this article we present you 9 simple tricks that you can use to download any video file that you find browsing the Internet.

How to fix MSVCR120.dll file missing error on Windows

One of the most common errors in Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8, along with the DXD9_39.dll, XINPUT1_3.dll, MSVCR110.dll, and MSVCP140.dll errors, is the MSVCR120.dll error . Generally, this error is displayed as a pop-up window with the message “The program cannot start because MSVCR120.dll is missing from the computer. T

How to download a Spotify playlist

Do you have Spotify full of playlists, but you don't have a connection or you don't want to spend data to access them? Did you know that you have the possibility to download them in MP3 format ? Whether you want to listen to your favorite music from your mobile or on your computer, doing so will not cost you at all.

Cómo recuperar una tarjeta SD dañada que no se reconoce

Como cualquier unidad con memoria flash, las tarjetas micro SD y SD cuentan con un número máximo de ciclos de lectura y escritura. Esta es la razón por la que las tarjetas de memoria dejan de funcionar pasado un determinado periodo de tiempo, que puede ser de hasta años si la tarjeta en cuestión es de calidad. Como

7 applications to defragment a hard drive more efficiently

One problem with mechanical hard drives is file fragmentation with use. This is something that is aggravated in the case of Windows by the way its file system works, and that makes our PC slower with each passing day. We present you 7 applications to defragment a hard drive more efficiently than with the Windows defragmenter.

10 pages to download comics for free

Comics are not the most popular leftovers in Spain, but there are a large number of users who are fond of these graphic comics. We offer you 9 websites where you can find and download comics for free. A great opportunity to complete your collection with works that have already disappeared from stores.

Bytefence Antimalware, what it is and how to remove it

Bytefence is a paid antivirus software that offers a free version. This application is developed by the company Byte Technologies, and it may have ended up being installed on your PC without you noticing. We explain what Bytefense is and how you can eliminate it in a simple way.Why do you have Bytefende installed on your PCSurely you have noticed a curious fact when installing a free program on your PC.

Calendar 2017, more than 150 templates to print and download for free

There are very few days until the year is over, so apart from preparing the nougat, the polvorones and the gifts, you also have to get hold of the new 2017 calendars . You may be one of the practical ones and when it comes to hanging the calendar for the new year, the first thing that comes to mind is to go to a store to buy a calendar to use .

How to remove a program that cannot be uninstalled in Windows 10

Eliminating a program that we no longer want to use should be, in principle, a breeze. All versions of Windows have always included a tool to uninstall programs . Thus, getting rid of any software that does not interest us has to be apparently simple. But this is not always the case.Some programs resist us, so use other strategies.

Phones 901 and 902, equivalents and free alternatives to paid numbers

How many times have you received an astronomical mobile bill at your home, for the simple fact of having called 900 numbers? Although at the moment you may not consider it (at least the first few times), you should know that some  900 and 800 numbers have special rates . But let's see which ones exist and what differences there are between them.

Speed ​​up Windows 7 with these 10 tricks

Over time the system tends to slow down. For this reason, it is convenient to carry out some simple maintenance operations that will significantly improve performance, whether it is a laptop or a desktop computer.1) Increase the starting speedIf your computer is new, it probably has a multi-core processor.

How to put the at symbol on any PC

Arroba is one of the most used symbols in a world that is becoming more and more digital. However, many users do not know how they can write this also important symbol in their day-to-day tasks. That is why we have prepared this article in which we explain how to use the at symbol on any PC and on Android phones.

How to switch between uppercase and lowercase in Word

Microsoft Word is the best word processor that we can find on the market, and it offers a large number of options that will help us save time when we are writing our documents. Today we explain how you can change from uppercase to lowercase and vice versa in Microsoft Word, in a very simple and practical way.

Windows Modules installer Worker, what it is and how to fix its CPU consumption problems

Windows Modules Installer Worker is an important and very useful service that is included in Windows 8 and Windows 10, but that can cause excessive use of the processor of our PC. We explain how to solve this problem in a very simple way.What is Windows Modules Installer Worker and how it worksWindows Modules Installer Worker is a service included in Windows 8 and Windows 10 that takes care of system maintenance.

The 5 best online Chinese stores to buy from Spain

Chinese online stores can be an excellent way to obtain thousands of products for very reasonable prices. However, it is also easy to fall for scams so you have to be careful. We show you 5 Chinese online stores to buy safely. Some of them even have warehouses in Spain or Europe to speed up delivery times for orders.

Reliable emule servers in 2019 and how to use them

eMule was one of the most popular downloader in the early 2000s. Although its popularity has declined a lot, it is still fully functional today, although in order to use it correctly we need to install the proper servers. In this article we talk about the reliable eMule servers that continue to work in this year 2019.

5 ways to fix the problem not registered in the network in Samsung mobiles

“Not registered in the orange network”, “Not registered in the s8 network,“ not registered in the j7 network ”,“ not registered in the samsung j3 network ”,“ not registered in the samsung j6 network ”,“ not registered in the the lycamobile network ”… In recent months, a multitude of searches related to certain Samsung mobile network problems have grown in number of visits to the main Internet search engines. The reason for this is

What to do if Windows doesn't recognize your external hard drive

You try to use an external hard drive on your PC and Windows does not recognize it, surely it has happened to you at some time and you have panicked for fear of losing your saved data, or that you had a defective drive when you bought it. Don't despair too soon, there are several reasons why Windows won't recognize your external hard drive, and many of them are easy to fix.

Cómo eliminar espacios al justificar texto en Word

La mayoría de los procesadores de textos que podemos encontrar en el mercado, incluyendo por supuesto Microsoft Word, tienen la mala costumbre de alinear los textos a la izquierda. Te explicamos cómo puedes justificar los textos en Microsoft Word, sin que aparezcan espacios excesivos dentro de las frases.El

How to split your Windows 10 screen into 2 or 4 application windows

There is a very simple way to divide the screen of our computer into four or two exactly the same windows, in order to work with several applications at the same time. If your PC or laptop runs under Windows 10 operating system, you just have to follow these simple tips. With this trick, for example, you will be able to write a text while watching another screen, or watch a YouTube video while talking to someone on WhatsApp Web.

20 invoice templates in Word to download for free

If you have a small business, are self-employed or even organize the accounts of an association or community, you will need to know how an invoice is made . You may be very clear about how it works, but if you have not touched on accounting issues in your life, chances are that at the moment of truth you have many doubts.

How to cast VLC content to Chromecast

VLC is the most used media player for years. This small program allows us to play videos in practically all existing formats, as well as including some very interesting extra functions. Today we explain how you can cast content to your Chromecast using VLC .That's how easy it is to cast VLC content to ChromecastThis function is only compatible with VLC version 3.

uTorrent, all the secrets and tricks for this torrent download application

Nobody doubts that uTorrent is one of the best applications that exist to download torrent files . Both the client for Windows and Mac and for Android systems accumulate millions of downloads.And the truth is that reasons are not lacking. To its many functions, we must add the fact that uTorrent is, above all, a free app, and with a very accessible and easy-to-use interface .

How to open a RAR with password easily

Surely you have ever come across the need to open a RAR file, which was protected by an unknown password. This is quite frustrating, but fortunately we have put together this article, with the best tricks you can use to easily open a protected RAR file .Try the file nameMany times the file name itself is used as a password to protect the contents of a RAR, so if you don't know the password, the first thing you should do is try putting the file name as the password to see if you are lucky.

How to network two computers with Windows 10

It is quite common for a house to have two or more computers connected to the same Internet network. In these cases, it can be a very good idea to connect them together to be able to share files in a very simple way. We explain how to connect two computers in a network with Windows 10 .Connect two computers in Windows 10 step by stepFirst of all, we have to make sure that all computers are turned on and connected to our Internet network.

The solution to the most typical HBO problems

Streaming platforms such as HBO, Netflix and Prime Video offer us a large amount of audiovisual content that we can watch whenever we want. Despite this, we can get the unpleasant surprise of which service is not working correctly, and we can not see that movie or series that we are wanting to see. In this article we will focus on the most typical HBO problems , and how to easily fix them.

How to fix MSVCR71.dll file missing error in Windows 10

The MSVCR71.dll file is missing error is one of the most common errors in Windows 10, 7, and 8, along with DXD9_39.dll, XINPUT1_3.dll, MSVCR110.dll, MSVCR120.dll, and MSVCP140.dll errors. Generally, this error is usually displayed in the form of a window with the message “The program cannot start because MSVCR71.dl

Options to add and subtract dates in Excel

Microsoft Excel is the office automation program par excellence to carry out all kinds of procedures, reports and operations. Unraveling all its secrets is a task that requires time and dedication on the part of most students and workers who must regularly deal with the tool.We do not want to cover so much in this article.

Cemu for Wii U, what is it and what requirements must my PC meet to use it

Emulators are programs that allow you to run software designed to work with other platforms and other operating systems. They really work for any type of software, but they are mainly used to run console video games on computers. Today we focus on Cemu, the star emulator Wii U .Cemu has gone through a long journey of more than five years to reach a point of maturity that allows many of the Wii U video games to be playable.

How can I find out my Social Security number

Throughout our working life our social security affiliation number is something essential that we must always have on hand in case they request them for any procedure . This number is permanently assigned to any citizen at the beginning of their working life to quickly identify them in their relations with  Social Security.

How to open the ports for eMule on your router step by step

eMule was for many years the most used program to download all kinds of files from the Internet. Although its popularity has plummeted over the last decade, there are still many users who turn to this platform that refuses to die. We explain how you can open the ports on your router , so that eMule downloads files at full speedHow to detect Emule connection problemsA very common problem when using emule is LowID or Low ID .

How to fix D3DX9_39.dll is missing error in Windows 10, 7 and 8

One of the most common Windows errors, along with the XINPUT1_3.dll, MSVCR110.dll, MSVCR100.dll, VCRUNTIME140.dll, and MSVCP140.dll errors is the D3DX9_39.dll error . The way the error is displayed is usually seen in the form of a pop-up window with a message that says “The program cannot be started because d3dx9_39.dl

10 tricks to lower the PING of your Internet connection

Internet has become something totally essential in our lives. There are many tasks that we carry out every day and the network depends on our weight, for example reading the newspaper, sending emails, reading subscription newsletters and much more. Ping is one of the factors that most affect when it comes to getting a good experience surfing the net and playing games.

Windows 8, how to remove the startup password

You have to admit it. Having to type the password for our Microsoft account every time we enter Windows 8 is quite tedious. Even if we introduce the option to use a PIN or an image password, accessing this platform can cause more than one attack of hives. Of course, it is advisable to protect our data if we use the computer outside the home.

The touchpad of my laptop does not work, 5 solutions

The touch panel is a peripheral that is included in all laptops on the market. It is an element that allows us to use the equipment without having to connect a mouse, something that is great when we are traveling or away from home. The great importance of the touch panel of a laptop, makes its operating problems become a real problem for the user.

How to fix MSVCR110.dll is missing error in Windows 10

The error "Missing MSVCR110.dll" is, together with the error MSVCR100.dll, the error D3DX9_43.dll and the error MSVCP120.dll, the most common errors in Windows 10, 7 and 8. Most of these errors are usually due to because the system cannot find the DLL library that the message refers to . Generally, the message to indicate the error appears next to a window that indicates that "The program cannot start because msvcr110.

How to embed subtitles in a video easily and for free

Subtitles have become a fundamental tool for many people with a fondness for watching movies in other languages. In addition, they can also be very useful if you are learning a new language. Today we explain how you can embed subtitles in your movies in a very simple way, to use them more easily.On the Internet there are many user groups that are dedicated to creating subtitles for different movies and series.

How to configure a router as a repeater to improve your WiFi

Today's consumer society makes it quite easy to accumulate electronic devices in our homes that we no longer use, but that work perfectly. Routers are a clear example of this. Today we explain how you can use an old router as a repeater to improve the quality of your WiFi signal.If you have stored a working router that has a WiFi antenna, you can configure it to function as a repeater to amplify the signal from your main router.

20 Excel invoice templates to download for free

Making invoices may seem like a trivial matter , but when you get involved, things get complicated. If you do not have experience in being a freelancer or entrepreneur and you have not made a bill in your life, it may be that when you have to face this of calculating percentages you will get some good headaches .

How to fix Hotmail login problem with the new Outlook interface

Since February 2013, Microsoft has been trying to migrate Hotmail accounts to the new version of Outlook. In fact, for a while now, the old Hotmail interface is no more. Users who resist and use this email regularly access it through a new context: that of Outlook.The latest step that Microsoft has taken for the unification has made the Hotmail page disappear as such.

How to find a telephone equivalent to a 901 or 902 pay number

We have all found ourselves in the need, at times, of having to call customer service. When the telephone is free, it is less lazy to face the arid company of dealing with telemarketers or, worse still, machines, which we do not understand. But if the phone is paid, then we already raise our eyebrows.

Cómo girar solo una página en Word

Microsoft Word es un procesador de textos que nos permite cambiar la orientación de nuestros documentos de vertical a horizontal de una forma muy sencilla, aunque tiene el inconveniente de que esta función voltear a todas las páginas de nuestro documento de forma predeterminada. Te enseñamos a poner en horizontal una sola página de Word de una forma muy sencilla.Un de

My mobile does not connect to the home WiFi: 5 possible solutions

"Because my mobile does not connect to the wifi at home", "my mobile does not connect to the wifi authentication error", "my mobile detects the wifi but does not connect" ... These and many other queries are some of the searches that more visits accumulate in Google. And it is that although it may seem a rare problem, the truth is that the WiFi network in our house can present errors that lead to the disconnection of the devices that we have previously connected.

Los 10 mejores procesadores de texto gratuitos

Microsoft Office es el mejor paquete de ofimática que podemos encontrar, pero tiene un inconveniente bastante importante. Es una herramienta de pago, que además tiene un precio bastante elevado. Esto se traduce en que muchos usuarios no pueden acceder a la suite de Microsoft, viéndose obligados a buscar alternativas más económicas o incluso gratuitas. En e

Convert DVD to MP4 on Windows 10 with this simple trick

Although DVDs have fallen into disuse since the popularization of platforms such as Netflix or HBO, there is still a market that prefers a physical medium to a digital one. Exchanging both media is something that usually requires specialized software. Fortunately, converting DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV and other less traditional formats is extremely easy today.

Task Host error in Windows, what is it and how to fix it

Task Host is a service that is part of Windows 10 and that is responsible for controlling some operating system tasks. Although it is not frequent, this process can lead to the appearance of some problems. We explain what Task Host is and how to fix the error it can cause .Task Host is a process built into Windows 10 that runs in the background in a completely transparent way for the user.

How to see the password of a WiFi network in Windows 10

It's been on the market for a while, but you may not yet have mastered all the possibilities that Windows 10 offers. Some of them are very useful. But they are hidden and go unnoticed at first glance. Among them, the option to see the password of a WiFi network to which we are connected . An interesting function if, for example, we want to give the password to a friend who comes home and it is one of those kilometer keys that we have written down on a paper or on the back of the router.

How to claim an invoice on Vodafone

Mobile phone operators usually receive a good number of complaints from their customers. Consumer organizations such as FACUA are well aware that telecommunications operators and companies receive a large part of the complaints that users make in this country.It can happen to all of us. You sign up for a service, hire a new rate, do a portability .

How to install Movie Maker on Windows 10 step by step

Windows Movie Maker was one of the most popular video editing programs. The secret of this application was the great simplicity in its handling compared to other solutions, in addition to the fact that it was free and was installed in Windows. Windows Movie Maker ceased to exist in 2017 with the end of the Windows Essentials 2012 suite, but it is still possible to install it by following a simple trick.

How to put subtitles on a YouTube video that doesn't have them

For many years now, YouTube has had a powerful tool that not only allows you to add subtitles manually to a certain video, it is also capable of generating them automatically if the author so indicates. Unfortunately, most videos in English, Chinese and Japanese (the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world) do not have Spanish subtitles. For

2016 calendar to print, download more than 100 free templates

We are about to start the new year and we have to put the batteries. If you have already put the tree, the lights and decorated each of the corners of your house and office , it is already taking time to prepare the calendar for next year 2016 . What do you not know how to do? Well be careful, because you no longer need to buy a paper calendar at the bookstore.

How to send an animated GIF through WhatsApp Web

GIFS are life. Who doesn't like to get one of those endless moving images for a good laugh? Tools like WhatsApp have offered users the ability to send GIFs from their mobile phones, which until recently was not technically possible. For some time now, there is already the option of sending these images via mobile, but the truth is that this option is not directly available through WhatsApp Web .

Windows.old folder, what is it and how to delete it

Surely you have a folder on your computer called Windows.old, which can occupy several GB and is not very useful in most cases. We explain what Windows.old is and how you can delete this folder to free up space on your hard drive.What is Windows.oldWindows.old is a folder that usually appears at the root of the hard drive where you have the operating system installed.

How to download songs from SoundCloud to MP3

If you are a music lover you surely know SoundCloud. This platform allows authors to upload their productions and share them so that everyone knows their creations. But it not only acts as a music distribution platform, it also allows users to access and stream the finished tracks of other artists for free.

How to apply for the European Health Card online easily

The so-called European Health Card is the entry point for European citizens to receive medical and health care in all those countries that make up the European Commission. Until a few years ago, the only way to apply for the European Health Card was based on the CAISS, the Social Security Information and Attention Centers.

How to put subscript and superscript in Word

Superscripts and subscripts are very little used elements in the day to day, but they do have great utility in some sectors such as education or scientific work. These two elements are very common in all kinds of mathematical and chemical formulas, so it is very important that you know how to use them correctly.

So you can make uTorrent download faster

uTorrent is the most used program today to download all kinds of files from Torrent networks. It is an application that works quite well in its default configuration, but we can always make some adjustments to improve its download performance. In this post we show you how you can configure uTorrent to download faster .

The best programs to clean and speed up your PC

Has your computer got very slow, and suddenly crashes while you are using it and for no apparent reason? If this is the case, we offer you a compilation of the best programs that you can use to clean and speed up your Windows 10 computer. This way you can get the best performance from your computer, and it will always respond as well as possible.

Windows 10 start button not working, what can I do

The Windows 10 start button is one of the elements that has presented the most number of problems with updates to this operating system. That is why we have prepared this complete guide, in which we explain the tricks that you can use to solve most of the problems that appear with the Windows 10 start button.

The Win key, that great unknown

It's in the lower left corner of your keyboard, next to the Ctrl key. On many occasions it is decorated with the Windows icon; other times, it just says Win.Many think that this key only serves to advertise a little to Microsoft and / or to open the Start menu. Well, they are wrong: it has other interesting uses.

How to make a grid sheet in Word

There are some situations in which you may need a grid sheet in Word, for example if you are designing a form to fill in, or if you want to display certain information in specific places in your document. We explain how you can create a grid sheet in Word in a very simple way.Create your custom grid sheets with WordIn this tutorial you will learn how to create a gridded sheet in Word in a very simple way, we also explain how you can customize it to your liking, so that it shows both the size and the number of squares that interest you.

The best tips and tricks to earn Sponsored

Apalabrados was launched on the market in October 2011 by the Argentine company Etermax, and since then it has always been one of the most popular games that we can enjoy on all types of electronic devices, from computers to mobiles and tablets. In this article we explain the best tips and tricks that you can use to always try to win in this fun and addictive game.

How to know who calls me on the phone, the 5 best websites

Calls from unknown numbers are becoming more common. Many companies are desperately seeking to sell their services, so they end up calling everyone to see who's biting the bait. We show you five pages that you can use to find out who is calling you on the phone , very useful to identify spam.Identifying who owns an unknown number that has called us is much easier now than it was a few years ago.

How to buy Amazon USA products from the United States in Spain

Amazon USA, or what is the same, Amazon in the United States, is the Amazon store with the largest number of products. Compared to Amazon Spain, the company has several million more items than its counterpart in the country of Cervantes. Fortunately, the company allows you to buy Amazon products in the United States from Spain , although it is only compatible with a series of limited items.

All commands and keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

Like Word and PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel has countless commands and keyboard shortcuts that allow us to automate a series of actions to avoid the use of the mouse . From functions as simple as copying and pasting data to inserting functions or modifying the format of a certain cell. Weeks ago we showed how to change the Excel date format to Spanish mode.

The most common video formats and their characteristics

There are many different video formats, each one with different characteristics that make them more suitable for one type of use or another. Whether you want to record a video to upload to YouTube, or create a home movie, you will find a video format that best suits your needs. In this article we explain the different video formats that you can find, and their most important characteristics.

2015 calendar to print, download more than 100 free templates

2015 is just around the corner , so you have to do a couple of things: the first, write the traditional list with all your best purposes (whether you are going to fulfill them or not); the second, and most importantly,  create the new 2015 calendar that will hang in your room, office, kitchen or dining room from day one.

How to copy text from an image

Manually copying the text that appears on images can be a very cumbersome task. That is why we have written this article, in which we talk about the main tools that we can use to copy the text of an image very quickly and comfortably, both on mobile devices and on computers.Copy Text On ScreenCopy Text On Screen is an application for Android that we can download for free from Google Play.

How to make a timeline with Word

The timelines are a very useful resource when displaying information in a very visual way. The current trend is to use texts less and less, so it is essential that we learn to use this type of graphic resources. Today we explain how you can create a timeline in a very simple way using Microsoft Word.

5 aplicaciones para gastar bromas telefónicas gratis

¿Quieres gastar un a broma telefónica a uno de tus amigos? Sin duda puede ser una buena forma de dar un poco de humor a una fiesta de cumpleaños que estaba siendo demasiado formal.  Te proponemos 5 aplicaciones con las que podrás gastar tus mejores bromas telefónicas gratis. Todas ellas tienen un funcionamiento muy similar y sencillo, te permitirán escoger entre varios tipos de bromas, y podrás grabarla para no olvidar nunca el momento.Juasapp

How to enter and log in to Hotmail and Outlook in 2020

Hotmail has disappeared from the face of the Earth. Since 2013 the popular email service has been transformed into what we know today as Outlook. However, Microsoft has decided to keep all those email addresses that use the and domains , which makes it possible to access the service from the outlook., guide to enter the router from the browser and configure the Internet

The IP address is well known in the Internet world for allowing us, among other things, to access the router's configuration. Thanks to this, we can change parameters of our connection such as the name of the WiFi, the password and the number of open ports. We can also see the amount of equipment connected to the router in question to see if there are devices outside our environment taking advantage of our connection.

5 programs to clean the Windows 10 registry

Windows 10 is an operating system that saves all the changes that the user makes. all modifications are saved in a file that we know as the Windows registry. This Windows registry can fill with junk files over time, causing its size to grow significantly, and affecting the overall performance of the computer.

All functions and combinations of the ALT key in Windows

Computer scientists and experts in this type of matter are true fans of shortcuts. Almost everyone knows them and this is how they manage to move like fish in water . Today we want to talk to you about a very important key on your Windows keyboard: the so-called ALT.Surely you used them on more than one occasion: even if it is to execute the command Control + ALT + Delete , which years ago provided a solution to a large part of our problems in Windows.

Error code Spotify: how to fix Spotify error codes

Spotify, as a cross-platform application, is not without its errors. The program in question has a system that throws an error code (Error code in English) when there is a problem with the platform. Most of these errors tend to be related to our team. Many others the problem comes directly from the Spotify servers.

All options to insert dialogue script in Word

If you use Word often and you usually do it by writing a lot of text, and specifically scripts, you will have realized that inserting dialogue scripts can be a real nightmare. We have the short dash and the long dash. Attention: spelling note. The first serves to divide two words (theoretical-practical); the second, to mark each of the characters' interventions in a text .

How to remove ad virus from Chrome

Although they are no longer as prolific as they were a few years ago, invasive advertising is still a nuisance for Internet browser users. When we visit, especially adult pages, we are exposed to a large number of criminals who take advantage of our naivety, causing us to bite on suggestive links. Or when we install a program: we simply accept and do not notice that we have just installed an antivirus program, which is the opposite.

Types of USB cables and which one do I need

The USB port has become a hallmark of computers and is one of the most used. Its popularity is so great that its use has spread to many other devices such as televisions, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and many more. In this article we talk about the different types of USB cable that exist .The great versatility of the USB port has led to the appearance of different types of connectors , each with its own particular characteristics.

Microphone not working in Windows 10, how to fix it

The microphone is a fairly straightforward peripheral to set up and use, but there are some situations where it can stop working for no apparent reason. In this article we explain the best tricks you can use to solve the problem that the microphone does not work on your Windows 10 PC .Check that the microphone is not mutedIf the microphone has stopped working with your Windows 10 PC, the first thing you should do is access the operating system settings, to check that the use of this peripheral is not disabled.

So you can print a protected PDF

One of the advantages offered by the PDF standard is the possibility of protecting the files to prevent them from being edited and printed. This is something that can be very useful in various types of documents, such as invoices and confidential business documents. In this article we explain how you can print a protected PDF document , quite simply.

How to watch Movistar TV on a PC

If you are a Movistar customer, many times you may have wanted to watch your television, comfortably, from your laptop. For example, when you are traveling. But you don't know how to do it and in the end you have to put up with what they put on the generalist television, in your hotel room. Why pay for a service that, in the end, you are not using?

Windows 10 taskbar not working, how to fix it

The taskbar is one of the elements that Microsoft has most enhanced with the arrival of the current Windows 10 operating system. In addition to maintaining all the functionality included in previous versions, new features have been added, such as the possibility of using multiple desktops and the integration with the virtual assistant Cortana.

How to reduce the size of your videos without losing quality

The world of video editing is more in vogue than ever. Creating and editing videos is becoming a vital content and promotion strategy to gain visibility and promote our personal brand. In fact, you just have to look on the Internet (or YouTube more specifically) to see the number of content creators that currently exist.