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So, so or so? Dictionary of doubts to write on the Internet

So or so is it? So what or so? So does it go together or separately? The eternal doubt together with together with overcoat or above all, but or if not, go, fence, berry or balla, there, there, there or there or there, there or oh. The expression, used by a large number of people today, supports various grammatical forms.

50 images of mandalas for children to download and print

Coloring is no longer just for children. In recent years we have seen new techniques of relaxation, inspiration and mindfulness  become popular through artistic creation, painting and coloring activities. Above all, through mandalas . Surely you have heard of it and, most likely, you have even tried it.

Los 10 mejores animes de amor y románticos

El anime es una de las mejores formas de pasar el tiempo libre en nuestras vacaciones. Podemos encontrar multitud de historias para todos los gustos. En este post te ofrecemos 10 series anime de amor y romanticismo que no te dejarán indiferente. ¿Estas preparado? Empezamos.Golden TimeEsta historia se centra en Tada Banri, un estudiante con amnesia que ha perdido los recuerdos sobre su pasado y su pueblo natal. E

100 free wedding invitation templates to download and print

When it comes to organizing a wedding, everything is hassle. You have to choose many things: boyfriend, dress, suit, flowers, banquet ... If you are one of those who have decided to immerse yourself in this adventure of cyclopean dimensions, you should know that it will be difficult for you to get out of the mess alive.

Over 100 printable label templates for back to school

We fully entered the last week of August and with it, we immersed ourselves directly in the return to school. You have to prepare textbooks, school supplies and with all this (don't forget) label all the objects of your sons and daughters so they don't lose them.Just a few days ago we told you that there are different online services to order your personalized labels on request.

More than 100 kawaii images to download, print and color

If you search the term Kawaii conscientiously, we probably don't have to explain what it means. But if you have arrived here by chance or curiosity, we will tell you everything you need to know about this little word. It is actually, as you may have imagined, a word of Japanese origin , specifically an adjective, which means 'pretty' or 'tender'.

More than 100 drawings for children to download, print and color

One of the activities that the smallest of the house entertain the most is, without a doubt, painting. If children are motivated, they can paint at home, because on the Internet you have countless templates and drawings at your disposal, ready to download and print for free.But there are many other times when little ones can enjoy coloring to their heart's content .

A collection of 20 mandala drawings to download and color these days

The coronavirus crisis has caused half the world to retreat into comfort? from their homes. During the last days we have compiled several activities to carry out to kill time during the remaining two weeks of confinement. Exercising at home, watching some of the latest Netflix releases, learning to code… Another no less valid way to pass the time is to color mandalas, a resource originally used to “meditate and calm the spirit”, according to some Indian traditions and Tibetans. This

¿Cuánto dinero puede ganar un streamer en Twitch?

Determinar cuánto gana un streamer en Twitch es bastante más sencillo que determinar cuánto gana un youtuber en YouTube. El motivo es simple: las ganancias de Twitch dependen de una cuantía fija y otra variable. Si obviamos el sistema de donaciones que incluye la plataforma, hacer una ponderación más o menos exacta de la cantidad de dinero que se embolsa un streamer es relativamente sencillo.Al con

Reborn babies: what are they and what are they for

Although hyper-realistic dolls are part of a disturbing and unknown world, more and more people are encouraged to meet them and even acquire one. Reborn babies are very popular , especially in the female sector, but what are reborn babies? What are the characteristics that they have? And what emotional implications do they have?

Los 10 mejores anime de 2019

Los anime son cada vez más populares entre la población española. Estas series de origen japonés nos narran unas aventuras que suelen ser muy interesantes, y que están ambientadas en mundos de fantasía. Sin duda puede ser una excelente forma de pasar parte de tus vacaciones o algunas horas libres. Te pr

Funny messages and congratulations for Father's Day

Father's Day is coming. Tomorrow this Christian tradition dating back several hundred years will be celebrated in Spain and much of the world. As we usually do every year, we have compiled some of the best congratulations for this special day. This time we have collected some funny and short phrases for Father's Day to share through WhatsApp  or any other social network.

More than 200 drawings to paint and color for free

Looking for drawings to paint and color? Drawings are great for practicing our color skills. They are also a fantastic life saver when we are with children. Most are able to entertain themselves for a long time with drawings of their favorite characters or those things they like the most.Luckily, on the internet we can find countless drawings , ready to download and print instantly.

More than 100 Christmas drawings to color for free

Christmas is a time to stay at home, enjoy the warmth of home and family activities. But we have so many vacation days that sometimes we run out of ideas. Something that always works in free moments is painting. Children really enjoy coloring pictures , so this time, what better way than to propose more than 100 Christmas pictures to color with?

5 programs and websites to create and print chops

We return to the routine. It is time to go back to school and institute and university students have to face a new period of examinations. It is tradition. Hence, many are thinking about how to make up for lost time after the Christmas holidays, because it is already known that they fly by and that there is almost no time to apply for the January and February exams.

Dictionary of doubts for writing on the Internet: why, why, why or why?

Why or why? Why or why? Why does it go together or separately? It wear accent mark? As with words there are, there or ay, the different forms of the word because and why they generate doubts regarding their use. Good proof of this is the number of spelling mistakes related to these four words that different users make on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

How long will Amazon and AliExpress shipments take with the quarantine?

The preventive quarantine for the coronavirus has become effective in much of the world. In Spain, most companies and public services are at a minimum. Ironically, Google searches for AliExpress and Amazon products have skyrocketed in recent days. Both platforms seem to operate normally, unlike stores such as the Apple Store, which keeps all branches in Spain closed.

Done or done? Dictionary of doubts to write on the Internet

Do you spell done or done? Done or done? Is that done with ho without h? Take for granted or take for granted? Do I miss or do I miss? The verbs throw and do can generate some confusion when writing certain expressions in Spanish. Contrary to popular belief, the use of each of the words has nothing to do with each other.

Meaning and origin of the acronym CC, CCO, FW of the email

Many of us suddenly learned what the acronyms CC, CCO and FW stand for at the time when our inboxes were filled with endless chain emails (not even WhatsApp has spared us from that). Many others already made use of these fields in their professional field, or to meet with a group of friends. When we want to send the same email to several people, we can add their email addresses in the "To" field, or we can use the CC and the BCC.

Be careful if you receive a call from 607122077

Since the beginning of the quarantine due to the coronavirus, dozens of users have denounced on social networks and specialized forums the reception of calls through the number 607122077. As it is a mobile phone number, the doubt lies precisely in its nature. Is it a public body? Or does it belong to an individual?

Love phrases, more than 250 images to share for free

Because we all need a little love from time to time, at we have compiled the best  images of love phrases to fill hearts . Some are capable of raising blood sugar, and others are quite philosophical. But the truth is that it never hurts to remember what you feel to the person you loveThese images with love phrases are perfect to share on special dates.

Here's what YouTube pays for a million views in 2020

YouTube is the mother of all audiovisual creation platforms. Although content creators are gradually migrating to other alternatives such as Twitch or even Facebook Gaming, the truth is that it is still the most used.The reason for this migration is due, in part, to YouTube's monetization policies. Apparently, Google is tightening its controls when it comes to detecting content protected by copyright.

The funniest Mother's Day memes to send on WhatsApp

Mother's Day is just around the corner. This 2020, the celebration of all mothers will be something different due to the State of Alarm, which forces us to stay in our homes to avoid the spread of the virus. Even so, there are very original ways to congratulate our mothers. For example, we can send you a gift voucher on Amazon, or buy you something on the internet and send it to your home., the page to recognize junk calls

The phone rings, and it's a number we don't know . It is not the first time that we have encountered heavy salespeople, survey services or even collection companies . So should we answer? That is the question asked on the website , the result of a collective effort to locate and restrict all those annoying calls.

The funniest memes and GIFs to celebrate Valentine's Day on WhatsApp

Valentine's Day is a day of great controversy. On the one hand there are those who take the opportunity to bring out their romanticism, on the other hand there are the rebels and unbelievers who consider that all this is a business and does not represent love. The truth is that it leaves no one indifferent, and in one way or another, February 14 is just being talked about as the day that Cupid does his thing.

Dictionary of doubts to write on the Internet: above all or above all?

Above all or above all? Above all or above all? The eternal doubt whose confusion is sown among the different users both in social networks and in more colloquial environments. Although they may seem similar words, the truth is that their meaning has nothing to do with each other. And it is that while one refers to an adverbial phrase, the other makes it includes a type of garment similar to the traditional coat.

20 hilarious Monday images and memes to share on WhatsApp

After the Christmas holidays, there is a long stretch of the year ahead without holidays. And this shows in the mood. Until April we will not have the opportunity to rest a few days (this is the luckiest) , so now it is convenient to make the most of the weekends, which are often shorter than most of us would like.

How a QR code works and why each code is unique

With the arrival of the first smartphones and the generalization of the Internet connection, the QR code was an improved version of the classic barcodes of all life. Its most common use was to include a URL, since when we scanned them with our mobile, they took us to a specific web page.In its day, it was a very common practice in the digital marketing actions of companies , and, although its use was not so widespread today, now they have become fashionable again as a result of the crisis caused by COVID-19.

20 crafts to print and do with your children

Distracting the little ones in these times can be a real challenge for families. In times when screens reign, it is difficult to know how to find activities to do. Although it is not so difficult, do not believe it. In the end, it all lies in knowing how to be ingenious , or, even easier, in knowing how to recover the old and good habits: find manual activities, to do calmly and work the imagination.

We keep track of some of the most famous memes on Twitter and WhatsApp

The quarantine is long overdue. It's not easy to get through these days, but on the positive side, boredom sharpens people's wits. Twitter is a breeding ground for wonderful nonsense (and endless worthless tweets), but sometimes pearls come out like the thread we have hunted from @ignasitf. Boredom and free time made this user dedicate himself to following the track of one of the most famous memes on the net .

5 sites with the best birthday greetings videos for WhatsApp

An important birthday is approaching and you can't think of a fun way to congratulate, it is something quite common. In this post we present you 5 sites where you can find the best videos and the best birthday cards in a very fun and colorful way, you can't miss it.JibJabJibJab is a website where we can find a large number of popular videos and templates to create our own designs if we are creative.

50 Creative Inventions That Will Make You Smile (Part One)

To add a little salt to life, you will not need to empty your pantry . Some have already mixed their ideas in a drawer to give us curious and varied inventions that will delight those interested in modern gadgets . So much so that we wanted to collect them in a special that will compile the 50 most curious inventions that exist on the face of the earth.

The best Labor Day memes and GIFs to share on WhatsApp

One more year, at the end of April, we get down to work to celebrate All Workers' Day. May 1 is a holiday in which many tend to take the opportunity to enjoy a day off , and even connect it to a bridge that is the prelude to summer holidays.But the truth is that many are also swift and faithful to the demonstrations that the different workers' organizations and unions call for the day .

This is what an Instagram influencer with a million followers earns

The growing rise of influencers  on Instagram is causing a multitude of users to be interested in this type of profile in an economic and work sense. Unlike the influencers from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and other less massive platforms, Instagram does not reward this profile with financial compensation, but rather they depend on third parties, such as brands, companies and even other Instagram profiles.

How to visit Area 51 through Google Maps

Just yesterday we told you that a group of people had organized an event to assault Area 51, a famous detachment that is used in the state of Nevada (United States) as a military base and that, due to the intense secrecy about the operations that there are carried out, it has become part of a mysterious legend that links military tests with the UFO phenomenon.

10 GIFs of funny reactions to send on WhatsApp or Facebook

When words fall short, say what you feel with a GIF. Sometimes we start to write paragraphs, and our contacts start to shake when they see “So and so is writing…” for more than five minutes. And we forget that by sending a GIF everyone will understand our reactions! We can say what we want with a GIF, and the best thing is that our interlocutor will fit it with a smile. They

All Canis, a fake forum for canis with 200 viruses was a page that during the 2000s functioned as a network of contacts for the 'canis', that urban tribe that began by drinking from the "bakala" aesthetic of the 90s and ended up dissolving into a sum of fashions that we can now find in any Primark . But in those first years of the new millennium, their aesthetics were in full swing : them, ashtray hair and a bomber jacket.

The most hilarious GIFs to share for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has already arrived and with it the millions of virtual congratulations that many couples will share through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and many other messaging applications. Currently there are countless applications to share images, messages, poems and all kinds of content related to Valentine's Day, whether or not we have a partner.

The 10 rarest Japanese inventions in the world

We know that Japan has been at the forefront of technology for years. It has been the number one power, although it now rivals Korea. A story of overcoming and hard work that has not always shown everything behind the inventions and advances made. And it is that, along the way, there have been many crazy ideas and prototypes that are, to say the least, surprising.

Wire Glue, an electrically conductive glue

The bricomaniacs have the future assured . At least as far as work tools are concerned . And it is that a compound called Wire Glue has just been released on the market , according to its literal translation into Spanish, "wire glue" . It is a kind of glue presented in a boat , which in addition to being sticky , has the peculiar virtue of being a conductor of electricity .

The 10 funniest memes to celebrate Halloween on WhatsApp

One of the most picturesque festivities of the year is coming. Halloween is here, and you like it more or less, it will be difficult for you to escape from the fake spider webs, the more or less inspired costumes and the terrifying candies. So our recommendation is that you try to enjoy the funnier side of this party full of skeletons, witches and slashed pumpkins. versus, we compare to see which wins in audience

 YTS and 1337x are two of the most popular platforms to watch series and movies online. Currently both portals have been forced to change domain due to restrictions in different countries and more specifically in Spain. Despite access limitations, the number of accesses from different parts of the world is still exaggeratedly high.

10 memes about Mondays to send on WhatsApp

Have you noticed that it is Monday? You have probably noticed it because your alarm clock went off at the usual time. Yes, I'm sure you were very clear yesterday, so today you won't be caught by surprise. It's Monday and it's time to get back to the routine, no matter how hard it is. The only thing you can do to cope with dignity, apart from trying to take it a bit optimistically, is to connect your WhatsApp and start sending memes at will .

Barcelona - Paris Saint-Germain, how to watch the football game online for free

Today FC Barcelona receives Paris Saint-Germain at their home . Both teams will have to face each other in the second leg of the quarterfinals. The two are at stake for leadership in the Champions League , one of the most important football tournaments. Yesterday Real Madrid already played against Galatasaray and the truth is that football fans could enjoy it openly, from the television, but also through the Internet.

5 Pokémon that exist in real life

If you have already totally hooked on Pokémon GO , you will be delighted to know that many of those Pokémon that you catch from your smartphone exist in real life : there are species of nature with very reasonable similarities to Pokémon.In this article we are going to introduce you to Pikachu, Scyther, Bulbasaur, Caterpie and Poliwag from real life. Ta

10 memes of the day of the jokes of the Holy Innocents

April Fools Day is about to candy. With just a few hours to go until the joke season opens , it won't take long for you to get calls from pranksters . And in being the victim of the odd joke in bad taste. If you are one of those who are tired of receiving innocent, maybe you should take a look at these memes.

Be careful with this fake email from Banco Santander, it is a scam

Have you received an email from Banco Santander in the last week? Dozens of users have denounced in various forums and social networks the receipt of an email from the Spanish bank stating that our bank account has been blocked. Following the alert, the email attaches a link to an alleged Banco Santander website urging us to change the password.

These are the 10 best-selling consoles in history

Sony has just released the data related to the sales of its Playstation 4 console, which includes all the variants of the latter: PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. From the company they have announced that the console has exceeded a whopping 102, 8 million units sold since its launch back in 2013, thus becoming the second best-selling desktop console in history, just behind the Playstation 2.

10 memes to laugh and share on WhatsApp this weekend

The weekend is here. A new week has passed and we have no choice but to take it all with great humor. That is why we wanted to share with you a few memes that you can send to your friends and family through WhatsApp . So maybe you will make your friends a weekend a little more fun.And let's start with one of these silly and funny memes.

The weirdest things you can see on Google Earth

Examining the planet thanks to Google Earth is a good way to combat the boredom of the afternoons when you have nothing to do. We know that it is a task that can take you hours to find something interesting, so we offer you a list of the strangest things you can see thanks to Google Earth .Urban gardensThese circular gardens are located in a suburb of Brøndby, Denmark .

Consumer Associations: Charge First, Help Later

Consumer associations are not charities . When we contact any of them (if we succeed), they immediately try to recruit us to become partners, religiously paying a membership fee.We have read about it in Connect magazine , specialized in mobile devices, and in its November issue it publishes a four-page report on consumer associations , entitled "Desperately looking for partners .

Apple Care +, what does and does not cover iPhone insurance

If you have bought a new iPhone, or any other Apple device, you have probably thought about taking out insurance. Good to use the quieter terminal, since in case of breakage it would cover it, or even to be able to claim in case of theft or loss.Apple has Care +, an insurance that covers damages and other aspects in the iPhone, iPad, Mac and other headphones.

20 romantic and fun images to share on Valentine's Day

Yes, it's already here. It is Valentine's Day, the classic of all the years that returns, with more force than ever, to fill our day with messages, nerdiness and gifts. Every February 14 we celebrate a holiday that has nothing new, but calls at all times to tradition.But what is Valentine's Day? The truth is that there are many legends that surround this tradition and many, almost certainly, were invented in France and England, during the Middle Ages.

10 inventions that have changed the history of technology

Every day we live more and more surrounded by technology; technology that makes our lives easier, faster and more automated. The inventions are overlapping each other in an escalation that is directed (supposedly) to our comfort and our ease. But what are those inventions that made the process more dynamic, on which modern technology was built (and continues to be built)?

10 futuristic cars you can find for sale

The design of cars is one of the aspects that has evolved the most in recent years, unlike other aspects such as the engine or safety methods. Currently the design lines that most brands follow are quite conservative. This makes almost all cars look similar. This is the case of models such as the Kia Ceed, the Hyundai i30 and the Renault Clio.

Diccionario de dudas para escribir en Internet: ¿hay, ahí o ay?

¿Hay, ahí o ay? ¿Ahí o hay? ¿Hay o ay? La eterna duda, junto con sobre todo y sobretodo y vaya, valla, baya y balla, llena de faltas de ortografía las distintas redes sociales que hoy por hoy están en auge. A pesar de la similitud fonética y gráfica que las tres palabras muestren, lo cierto es que su significado dista bastante el uno del otro. ¿Cuándo

See what Earth was like when dinosaurs lived

Look carefully at this picture and tell us, what does it remind you of? It probably looks like a planet very similar to Earth, but its configuration of territories and oceans does not convince you. It is evident that the geological map has nothing to do with the one we have in our heads right now and theoretically it is the current one.

The 10 Instagram accounts with the most followers in 2020

Since the birth of Instagram, back in 2010, the photography social network has gone from being a simple alternative to Pinterest to becoming one of the best showcases for brands and public figures in general. Any celebrity or company that wants to have a presence on the Internet has an Instagram profile, from soccer players and actors to automotive companies and telephone manufacturers .

How to create a personalized Santa and the Kings message

With Christmas just around the corner, the little ones in the house are more restless than ever . For many, the Christmas holidays begin today, a period in which they will have a great time, get bored, open gifts and enjoy their free time to the fullest.Meanwhile, parents will do our best to keep you entertained.

20 memes and special images to share on Women's Day

The day has come for all of us to take to the streets to claim our rights and to denounce our situation of inequality. Work, conciliation, wage gap, sexist violence, inequality between boys and girls… There are many groups of women who are in a situation of inferiority compared to other groups of men.Wi

The strangest things you can buy on Amazon

The catalog of products that Amazon sells is one of the most extensive on the internet. In Spain alone there are more than 180 million different products . With so much variety it is possible that anything you imagine you can find. To give you an idea of ​​how surreal, fun, quirky and stupid some items can be, we share this list of the weirdest things you can buy on Amazon.Amaz

12 things about PayPal that you have not been told and you are interested in knowing

PayPal is the safest electronic payment method on the Internet. This is how the service is advertised and the platform users themselves ensure it. As with almost everything that surrounds us in the virtual world, all that glitters is not gold. The use of PayPal implies accepting a series of conditions that are not always known , conditions that affect the guarantee and the supposed advantages offered by the service.

The funniest memes to laugh at this weekend

We are on the weekend. Although this has been a very special weekend. With the Puente del Pilar in between, the most fortunate have had the opportunity to enjoy up to four days of partying. It is what we call a long weekend. Of those in which you have time for everything. Even sleeping your holy nap in your pajamas.

10 typical Spanish objects that are sold online

Spanish culture is rich and varied, with many differences from the area. Language, music, weather, everything affects. However, when it comes to building a stereotype, things are simplified, and the ideal of the paella eater, wine drinker and flamenco dancer prevails .In the past you had to go to a souvenir shop to buy objects and typical products of our land.

Fake credit cards, what are they and what are they for?

All credit cards follow Luhn's algorithm , so their numbers and combinations are not accidental. Fake credit cards are nothing illegal, they just follow this algorithm to complete registrations or pass certain control tests. They are quite useful to use them on the Internet in complete safety. Below we reveal what they are, what they are for and where you can get them for free.

GPS, A-GPS and GLONASS, how are these geolocation services different?

Thanks to mobile phones, people who are a little clueless or who don't have a very good sense of direction no longer get lost. It may seem like a somewhat funny phrase but it is pure reality. No more asking anyone for a street when we are walking and then forgetting the message in seconds; no more going around and around looking for a way and then having our destination within a span of our noses.

Pornstar GO, the porn parody of Pokémon GO

It was already taking a long time to arrive. Exactly a month has passed since Pokémon GO was released and the first porn movie inspired by the Niantic / Nintendo game that is arousing so many passions this summer is here, Pokémon GO XXX . From the same producer that already crease in his day the whole saga of "Ghostbusters XXX", Brazzers, now comes this film whose plot is based on hunting porn stars instead of Pokemons.Br

The secret behind Instagram logins in other cities

Just a couple of days ago the alarms were going off. Dozens of users on Twitter claimed to have seen an Instagram login in a city they have never been to. Others have even claimed that this login was done through a Samsung G935F mobile, that is, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But what truth is there in all this?

Goolzoom, a tool to know the cadastral information of a flat

The Goolzoom tool is a utility that over the years has become more popular, since it allows consulting cadastral information, as well as many other relevant data in the public domain. Many professionals need this information on a daily basis, and even if you are not a professional you may need this type of information at some point .

The surprising origin of the Bluetooth logo

Every brand must have a corporate image that can be summarized in a logo. Something that, at a glance, can be directly identified with the product offered or advertised. Logos such as Adidas, Nike, Mercedes Benz ... All of them are part of popular iconography: they are already part of our culture and have come to mean more than the simple product: they offer brand values, whether they are luxury, improvement or physical well-being .

How to play Where's Wally on Google Maps

Where is Wally? It is probably not so well known to the youngest anymore, but those of us of a certain age have grown up with the game books of this nice character. A tourist with glasses and a hat with red and white stripes who hides in the most unexpected places. Finding it on each page of his books was a very fun challenge because, in addition, each scene was full of humor and absurd situations.

Fidget Spinner, how to use the fashion toy

What's so special about Fidget Spinner ? This toy has become the great attraction of the youngest, although anyone can use it. The operation is very simple, we have to turn it around and from there let our imagination free to perform all the tricks that come to mind.Fidget Spinner is made of plastic and does not occupy more than the palm of a hand, it has three spinners (some models have up to four) of counterweight in each rounded tip and hard plastic.

Procesadores x86 y ARM ¿En qué se diferencian?

El procesador es el elemento central de la mayoría de los dispositivos electrónicos que usamos en nuestro día a día. Los hay con características muy diferentes, pero podemos decir que casi todos ellos se agrupan dentro de dos grupos generales. Te explicamos las diferencias entre los procesadores x86 y los procesadores ARM, así como sus ventajas y desventajas.Los pr

10 funny weekend GIFs for WhatsApp

We bring you the best funniest GIFs for you to share through WhatsApp or any social network this weekend. Remember that, to save it, you just have to click on it with the right mouse button and choose "Save as ...". Choose the place where you keep it well, so that later you don't spend half a day looking for it.

Tablet, an invention that was born in the 60s

Although the term Tablet may seem relatively new, the truth is that it is something more than 40 years old . And it is that at the end of the 60s, a visionary "" and Doctor of Computer Science "" showed the world a concept that he called Dynabook .Alan Kay , a computer scientist who later belonged to the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), publicly displayed his particular idea of ​​a "children's computer." Wh

How much would it cost to make Star Trek's starship Enterprise

Trekkie fever never stops. There are Star Trek fans of all ages and in all parts of the world. With the premiere of each new film, with the rerun of any of the seasons on which channel, it still gains many more followers. Very soon, in the month of July, the latest installment for the big screen " Star Trek: Into Darkness ", directed by JJ Abrams, the creator of the "Lost" series , will be released in theaters in our country .

20 caught "red-handed" by Google Street View (Part 2)

What if I walk around with firearms , what if I spy on the girls who go to the beach ... or I get involved in a battle of Star Wars fans . The point is to give the note ... These are the "daily" activities that Google Street View has captured with its motorized cameras. Curiosities that we have collected in the special of the 20 most notorious caught "red-handed" .

What does the yellow Alexa circle mean on my Amazon Echo?

Do you have an Amazon Echo with Alexa? These smart speakers have an LED in the upper area that indicates the status of the device. When we turn up the volume we can see how the light increases, when we deactivate the microphone the LED turns red and if we carry out the 'Alexa' command it will turn blue, indicating that Alexa is listening to us and that we can ask the question.

Why is not who has seen my WhatsApp statuses appear?

For a few weeks, the most downloaded messaging application in the world. (Yes, WhatsApp) introduced a new form of statuses. It is something similar to what is currently on Facebook. And that we have already seen on Instagram or Snapchat, but in this case, it is a little simpler. One of the key features is that we could know who could see our WhatsApp statuses.

Now is the best time to invest in Bitcoin: we tell you why

The coronavirus pandemic has sent the cryptocurrency market reeling. This is also seen in traditional bags. It is a fact, the downtrend in the market is paving the way for what some specialists consider a large-scale economic crisis. But time has shown that the trend of cryptocurrencies has little or nothing to do with the rest of the markets .